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Guest Post: Lisabet Sarai–author of The Gazillionaire and the Virgin

Today’s guest post is by the lovely Lisabet Sarai, with whom I’ve shared pages in three Coming Together anthologies–For the Holidays, Keeping Warm, and Strange Shifters. She is a delightfully inventive reader (her six foot penguin in Strange Shifters is my favorite of the characters I’ve met in the Coming Together anthologies), who is here to talk about (and run a contest for) her new release: The Gazillionaire and the Virgin.



An Interview with Rachel Zelinsky

by Lisabet Sarai

I want to thank Delilah for hosting me today and giving me a chance to talk about my recently released BDSM erotic romance The Gazillionaire and the Virgin. In thinking about my post, I realized it’s pretty boring for an author to go on and on about how great her book is (even if that’s true ;^) ). So as an alternative, I decided to interview my heroine, Rachel Zelinsky. (I interviewed my hero, Theo Moore, over at Desiree Holt’s blog last Wednesday.)

After the interview, I have included the blurb and an exclusive, super-sexy excerpt. Because I do think it’s an amazing romance… and so far reviewers agree!

Lisabet Sarai:  Books on the craft of writing emphasize that every character should have a “defining characteristic”—some personality trait or tendency that governs the character’s behavior and choices. So what’s yours?

Rachel Zelinsky: That’s easy. Perseverance. When I set myself a goal, I don’t give up until I’ve achieved it. If I meet obstacles when pursuing one plan, I’ll try a different strategy. But to some extent, I simply won’t accept failure.

LS: Do you think this trait is responsible for your phenomenal success?

RZ: Partly. I would never have made it through MIT without being persistent, even stubborn. And Silicon Valley isn’t an easy environment for a woman, either. However, basic intelligence and a willingness to work hard are important too. Theo doesn’t have much respect for my wealth, but I can tell you, I earned my billions. I’ve paid my dues, and I think I have the right to enjoy the fruits of my labors.

LS: Speaking of Theo—it seems like you made an exception in his case. When you sought him out, it was for business reasons, but later, you gave up on your plans to use his AI technology in your online environment.

RZ: I didn’t “give up”. I changed my mind. I realized that Theo’s happiness and comfort were more important to me than my business goals.

LS: Also, it seems that you got a bit—um—distracted by your relationship with him.

RZ: Well—okay, I admit Theo’s dominance overwhelmed me. It was so unexpected. And yes, it can be hard to think rationally when Theo Moore is making love to you!

LS: Still, it seems the connection between you is more than just sex.

RZ: Much more! Honestly, I didn’t see how empty my life was, emotionally, until I met Theo. I’ve been so busy working toward external success, I’ve really neglected my heart. I love him so much it’s almost embarrassing.

LS: No reason to be embarrassed. You’re a romance heroine, after all.

RZ: But also the CEO of a multi-billion dollar technology company. We’re not allowed to have feelings. The business is supposed to come first. But now—well, Theo comes first. He’s my lover and my Master.

LS: That sounds like quite a conflict. How are you going to resolve these two opposing forces?

RZ: Don’t your craft treatises tell you that a novel needs conflict? Anyway, if readers want to discover how I handle this, they need to buy the book!


The Gazillionaire and the Virgin Genre-busting BDSM Erotic Romance 240 pages, five flames

Trust can’t be bought—it has to be earned.

When Silicon Valley entrepreneur Rachel Zelinsky meets reclusive genius Theo Moore, she finds him strangely compelling. Theo is both arrogant and socially awkward, but he has an aura of power that speaks to Rachel’s carefully-hidden submissive side. Disturbed and aroused, she tries to focus on her original objective—a deal to incorporate his Artificial Intelligence software into her company’s popular virtual world. Rachel’s not a woman who lets pleasure interfere with business, but for some reason, she can’t resist Theo’s geeky appeal.

Theo Moore can’t be bought. His past battles with poverty make him deeply suspicious of the billionaire CEO. Still, with her voluptuous curves and brilliant mind, Rachel embodies his ultimate sexual fantasy. Too bad his knowledge about sex derives from extensive research and a stash of kinky porn rather than real-world experience.

That doesn’t bother Rachel, however. In his bed—in his arms—in his bonds—she discovers the bliss of total surrender. Rachel may be Theo’s first lover, but Theo is Rachel’s first true Master—and the first man to truly touch her heart. It seems that love may harmonize their differing goals and values, until Rachel’s unwitting violation of Theo’s trust threatens to tear them apart forever.

Exclusive X-Rated Excerpt

“Oh, God—oh—Rachel…That’s….oh!”

Still sucking, I nibble on his frenulum. His hands are fists on either side of his thighs.

“Stop, stop—I can’t hold on.”

I let his cock slide out of my mouth, trailing my tongue along the shaft as it leaves. “You want me to stop sucking you?”

“No—ah, yes—I mean, I think I’m going to come again…”

Swinging my leg over his hips, I let my pubic curls brush his cockhead.

“And that’s bad?”

“Oh…no…” His face looks panicked now, the pleasure smothered by some sort of fear. “But you—you’re supposed to go first.”

I spread my thighs and drop until I paint the tip of his cock with my juices, then snatch my pelvis away as he tries to push inside. I can’t help chuckling at his enthusiasm. I want him more than ever.

“Don’t worry about me, Theo. I fully intend to come. More than once, most likely.” I scan the neat bedroom. “Where do you keep your condoms? In the bedside table drawer?”

“Ah – what? Um—I—I don’t have any condoms.”

“Huh? Don’t you believe in safe sex?”

“I – uh – well…” His face turns scarlet with embarrassment.

“Good thing I’m always prepared.” With a huff of mock exasperation, I roll off the bed and pad into the living room to find my purse. I’m too turned on to really be angry. Besides, I’m already becoming accustomed to Theo’s strangeness. “Meanwhile,” I call over my shoulder, “you get out of that tux. No point in doing any more damage.”

Under the influence of my recent fantasies, I’d slipped a three-pack of Durex extra large into my bag before leaving to pick Theo up for the fund raiser. Not that I’d expected anything to happen between us, of course, but one never knows. Now, given his apparent virility, I wonder whether I’ll run out.

I extract the condoms from my clutch, then take advantage of the break to make a quick trip to the toilet. When I return to the bedroom, I find Theo naked on the bed, his rampant cock aimed at the ceiling. One hand grips that fat rod of flesh, sliding up and down with practiced precision. He has flung the other arm across his face, as if he can’t bear to watch.

My fantasies didn’t do him justice. He has one of those massive, powerful bodies that make you want to fall to your knees in worship. He doesn’t have the bulging biceps or rippling six-pack of an exercise nut, but his big hands, broad shoulders and lean thighs broadcast strength. As he jerks at his cock, I watch the tightening in his abdomen, the shifting of muscle under the pale skin of his arm. Aside from the black fuzz surrounding his cock, he’s mostly hairless.

Saliva pools in my mouth. I want to swallow that lovely cock once again, to torment him until he can’t help but spill his seed into my mouth. Later. Right now the hungry ache between my thighs takes precedence.

“Starting without me?”

He snatches his hand away from his penis with the startled, guilty look of a kid caught in the act. “Um – no – just thinking.”

I straddle him again, leaning forward to trail my rigid nipples across his smooth chest. On my hands and knees, I smile down on him. His bobbing cock streaks my belly with pre-cum and baby oil. “About me?”

His eyes meet mine, suddenly bold. “You know I am, Rachel. Don’t tease. I can’t stand much more.”  


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