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Published Work

Check out my Amazon author page.

If you want a free reviewer copy of any of my books, email me at delilahnight@gmail.com

New Release

Everything changes the moment heartthrob Justin Carson shifts from human to Were Wolf on live television and is subsequently captured.

Dr. Benjamin Wells is tapped by the government to create a test from Justin’s blood intended to identify anyone who might be a Were. Dr. Diana Lutz is the Were Wolf sent by the Were leaders to stop him, and to find and hopefully free Justin, her twin. The only thing stronger than Diana and Ben’s mutual dislike of each other is their sudden attraction. Soon that attraction explodes, and in the same moment Ben learns the truth about his heritage—he’s part Wolf, and Diana is his mate.

As they race to be the first to discover the blood test and prevent the other organizations from endangering all Weres, Ben must decide whose side he’s on. Will he betray his people? How far is Diana willing to go to save her brother, and what is she willing to sacrifice?

Currently available for pre-order on Kindle. On 2/11/20 it will be available on Kindle Unlimited and, shortly after, a physical book.


Currently Available


Capturing the Moment

Meg and RJ were passionately in love. But that was six years and a broken engagement ago.

“The heat and chemistry between Meg and RJ sizzles.”–Devi Ansevi of Crush Blush. (full review here)

“Delilah hit the perfect balance between sex and romance”–Malin James

“Delilah Night won me over with believable characters (Meg and RJ), an exquisite backdrop, and just the right amount of romantic conflict. And the sex! Each scene was unique and steamy, prompting me to take a long gulp of iced tea after reading each one. (I may have read a few scenes twice. Okay, three times.)”—Oleander Plume


Currently Available (short stories)

They all forget I had a choice, y’know, I could’ve chosen not to eat or drink (from Persephone by Escape Key)

This delicious anthology features thirteen stories of aphrodisiac chocolates to whet your appetite. Season’s Change is my take on the Hades and Persephone Myth. Read an excerpt here.

Buy it on

Delilah Night’s take on Persephone, which had me hooked from the opening lines … I loved how deftly consent was woven into that tale which could’ve gone so easily into Belle & Beast terrain. –Amazon Review

A vampire who only hunts men. A war veteran with PTSD. Will she be his death or his salvation

Just in time for Halloween, here are eighteen vampire stories.

Read a sample from For as Long as You Need Me here.

This was a view on the vengeance trope that worked a lot better for me, and I liked the way that Sam was more aware of what was going on than he initially seemed.“–Amazon Review

This anthology of short stories is full of non-erotica dark myths, monsters that may not be what you expect, and other macabre tales to delight and frighten

What if the Evil Queen isn’t the villain in Snow White?

Read a sample from For Love of Snow White here

This is one of the most satisfying fairy tale retellings I’ve read.–SFF Reviews

If Mom’s Happy: Stories of Erotic Mothers

This anthology shows that mothers love hot sex, too.

What happens when the mom in the mirror is a stranger to the woman inside?  How do you reconnect with the man behind the dad?

Read an excerpt from an updated reprint of Renewal here

Under the Mistletoe, edited by me

This charity anthology will benefit Project Linus, which provides hand-made blankets to children in crisis.

The new Comet has no time for distractions with only twenty-three days until Christmas, but falls head over hooves for Jillian.

Read an excerpt of Kid Comet here.

Intrepid HorizonsIntrepid Horizons

A Unicorn’s (former) Virgin is left out as bait for a dragon, but things don’t go exactly as planned

Read an excerpt from Dumped here and here

“Dumped by Delilah Night, this is my favourite [story] of the lot. I like the setting and would have read more about the main character.” (amazon review)

Keeping WarmComing Together: Keeping Warm

This charity anthology benefits Operation Warm, which provides coats to kids in need.

The prim and proper exterior hides her libidinous side

Read an excerpt from The Finer Things in Life here


Strange ShiftersComing Together: Strange Shifters edited by Lynn Townsend

This charity anthology is raising money for Bat World Sanctuary.

He just gave the most sacred word at the Pole air quotes. Is this love?

Read an excerpt from A Reindeer by Any Other Name here

Among the StarsComing Together: Among the Stars edited by Lynn Townsend

This charity anthology is raising money for the Still’s Disease Foundation.

Captain Lily Dawes should be focused on the illness that is incapacitating her ship.  If only Ensign Patel weren’t so tempting…

Read an excerpt from Love is a Virus here

“I was so into the story by the time the end came around I felt like I was waking up too. I wanted more.”–K.A. Smith, author of Get At Me, Gina’s Do-Over, and More


For the HolidaysComing Together: for the holidays edited by Alessia Brio

This charity anthology benefits Stand Up for Kids, a youth homelessness organization.

Lucy the Elf has her first fieldwork assignment. Is Matthew a Naughty sexual deviant or a Nice guy on the wrong list?

Read excerpts from New on the Naughty List here and here

“The chance to find an Elf like Lucy would certainly encourage me to be naughty! Matthew is one lucky boy. Such a wonderful way it ends, all a good girl could ask for.”–review from Ameliah on Goodreads.


Nine-to-Five FantasiesNine-to Five Fantasies: Tales of Sex on the Job edited by Alison Tyler

I’d picked mind blowing sex with Paul over studying one time too many…

Read an excerpt from O for Effort here

We got a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly!  “This anthology is a must-read for anyone fancying a bit of play at work.”


Other DaysOther Days edited by Jessica Augustsson

This mainstream speculative fiction anthology is the first book edited by my friend and editor Jessica.

What happens when a member of the Temporal Authority ends up embroiled in the past and future of her family against all the rules?

Read an excerpt from Choices here

“Delilah Night’s “Choices” addresses the wrinkle of time-travel moving forward with a smashing twist”–Jade A. Waters, author of “The Joy Ride” (Coming Together: Among the Stars), “The Connection” (Chemical Sex) and more.


Young woman takes off bikini to swiming in the sea.Summer Loving edited by Alison Tyler

This anthology benefits Sommer Marsden’s family.

My little brother’s best friend stirring my libido? Cannot, Caroline. Cannot.

Read excerpts from Baby It’s Hot Outside here and here

“I just finished reading ‘Baby It’s Hot Outside’ in ‘Summer Loving’, and I must say things got a little steamy, and there’s no Singaporean heat here.”–Lace Winter


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.19.55 AMIrresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

What happens when the mom in the mirror is a stranger to the woman inside?  How do you reconnect with the man behind the dad?

Read an excerpt from Renewal here

Amazon reviewers say…

“Delilah Night’s “Renewal” will resonate with any couple that’s survived (or is in middle of surviving) the early years of parenthood.”


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.57.44 AMGlitter: Real Stories from Real Women about Sexual Desire edited by Mona Darling

Read an excerpt from Invisible Bisexual here


Amazon Kindle

Sparks fly when the Caribbean’s most fearsome pirate falls under the spell of a sexy spitfire who’d rather send him to Davy Jones’s locker.

Read an excerpt from Plunder here










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