Whigmaleeries & Wives’ Tales is out NOW

Surprise! I had forgotten about this anthology because I committed to it a long time ago and I’ve written two books since then.

This is a Jayhenge Press book, which means incredible talent from around the world and stories of all lengths. Jessica has a great eye for picking stories.

My story is Season’s Change, a less explicit version of the story by the same name from Chemical [se]X 2.

Here’s an excerpt

Over the next few weeks, her life fell into a pattern. During the day she’d wander the castle. She’d spend time in the garden. She’d stand at the doorway to the kitchen, admiring the various delicacies that had been made for Hades. Every three days there was a plate of golden honey sweets. Honey sweets that tormented her, their scent as seductive as the feeling of Hades’s body pressed against her.

Cerberus followed her like a shadow, one head always swiping kisses along her wrist, the second occasionally deigning to be petted, while the third head was eager to play fetch.

Her evenings were spent with Hades. Bedtime grew later and later as she grew more and more reluctant to leave his company. His attention was like tending roses, as he could be thorny. Persephone ached to touch him the way she touched the roses in the garden.

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