Nauseau and Sexual Desire…First trimester woes…

I am somewhere around 8 weeks pregnant.  I’m so nauseous that I’ve begun taking the prescription anti-nauseau drugs that kept me out of the hospital during my last pregnancy, when I threw up so much that I was dropping weight at an alarming rate and could keep nothing down.  While these medications have kept the violent upchucking at bay, they can’t stop the nausea entirely.

Nausea versus desire is the intersection of my pregnancy and my sexuality, and there have recently been epic battles between the two.

On one hand, my nausea is such that sex, even masturbation, is not even remotely high on my list of priorities.

On the other, when my sex drive manages to get a toehold, the nausea can interfere with the successful pursuance and completion of that desire.  Nothing says “ooh baby, ooh baby” like feeling your bile rise from the physical motion of intercourse.

Are there solutions?  Yes and no…

First the bad news.  I have no magic cure all that will restore your sex goddesshood without complication or interruption.

I *do* have some suggestions that have worked

  • Timing.  If you need medical (ie prescription) aid, wait for that short window where meds have kicked in but have not yet begun to wane and whip out the toys/throw your partner down.
  • Manual manipulation/toys.  If you can handle being manually manipulated, that can be a workable solution if the physical movements of intercourse are too nausea inducing for you.
  • Talking.  Talking through fantasies with your partner…basically doing the verbal version of sexting or erotic im-ing.  Walk through what you’d like to do, no matter how out of the realm of possibility it is for you in the moment.  Connecting with your partner is what’s important.
  • Watch porn with your parnter–If you are comfortable with porn (and not everyone is) watching a dvd that appeals to both of you can be a great shared erotic experience.


Finally…perhaps the most pragmatic advice…this too, shall pass.  Eventually.


Dating your pregnancy…why LMP isn’t terribly effective for many women

I’m in the midst of my own pregnancy dating quandry, so I thought I would share with you why dating your pregnancy is largely a useless excercise as measured by LMP (or last menstrual period).

LMP dating is based on the idea that a woman has a 28 day cycle and ovulates on day 14.  Which might be true of some women (some of you must be the statistical average, right?), but is often not true of most of us.  Some of us have shorter or longer cycles and many of us don’t have the perfect 14 days before you bleed ovulation.

There are, of course, ways to know when you ovulated.

  • You can do Basal Body Temping and keeping an eye on your cervical mucus You really need to do both methods as temp charting will only alert you to ovulation after it has occurred, which is impractical as you want to have having a lot of sex for the five days preceding ovulation.
  • You can use the pee-stick ovulation predictor kits These alert you to the hormone surge when you hit the luteal phase, giving you roughly 48 hours of notice (although not always 48..sometimes as little as 24)
  • You can keep track of your periods over time and get a sense of what your “normal” cycle is, and subtract 14 (imperfect, but close) and then target your get pregnant sex to 5 days prior and 2 days post that magic 14.  (there are plenty of period apps if you have a smartphone, or you can just use a calendar).
  • If you keep an eye on the pattern of your sexual drive, you may also get an idea of when you actually ovulate, if you (like me) have a sex drive that correlates to your ovulation (again, use this in conjunction with a calendar or period app).

Obviously this works better for those of us who were trying to get pregnant, and were keeping track of their period.

My cycle is usually 35 days with ovulation likely occurring on day 21/22.

Of course, the period that I got pregnant with broke all the rules.  I was on day 48/49 of my cycle before I got a damn positive…2 weeks later than I SHOULD have been able to get a positive.  Looking at my sex drive and the frequency of our sex, I had already theorized that I ovulated later than normal.

I had guesstimated that I was 5 weeks pregnant last week, but my hormone levels and ultrasound results gave me some doubts that were further put into doubt this week.  I showed progression, but progression that put me about a week behind my guess (as did last week’s results…giving me consistent positive progress, but not on pace with where I expected to be).

So how do you discover the baby’s “real” due date?

Early ultrasound is the best technique.  Until the end of the first trimester, babies develop at a predictable rate of development, and dating is relatively easy.  The problem is that we are talking about ridiculously small measurements, where a mistake can mean a dating error.  It’s best to have 2-3 early dating ultrasounds that corroborate progress and infer your due date from that.  Easily done in a country like Singapore, but not so in the US.

Why is dating so important?  If you’re looking at a C, or a scheduled induction because of a complication like diabetes (we tend to experience placental breakdown post 40 weeks, making it dangerous for us to go over full term), you want to make certain that you’re not being induced too early (which could mean the baby’s lungs are not yet fully developed) or too late (if you have risk factors).  The good news is that high risk women tend to get more ultrasounds under American insurance, which helps with dating.

If you’re low risk, it’s not a big deal to go a few weeks “late” (which you might not be).

So take that EDD (estimated due date) with a grain of salt.  If you know your body, you may be able to better calculate your due date than any of those silly circles our OBs like to use.

Pregnant BDSM

  • First Published September 3, 2008
  • Edited October 20, 2010

This is an article I wrote to address an absence of information surrounding the topic of Pregnant BDSM.  I was approximately 8 weeks from finishing my first successful pregnancy, and when I choose to become pregnant again, I hope that I’m in a position to revise and edit this further.

This was an article that was challenging to write.  I am not an expert, nor am I pro domme, a doctor, a midwife, or anything other than a kinky woman who while pregnant wanted to safely continue practicing BDSM.  I searched the web for advice as to what was safe at which point in the pregnancy and found a vacuum, rather than solid advice.  Due to that dearth of information, I decided to present my findings and my experiences for public consumption.

I got my information through exhaustive querying of the internet, doctors, nurses, EMT’s, Kinksters who are also parents that I met at lifestyle events, pro-dommes, presenters at Dark Odyssey 2008 and Floating World 2008, and anyone who I thought might know anything about the topic.  I made a lot of people embarassed, but slowly I gained information, found practices that I felt safe engaging in, some new practices to try, and met a lot of cool people (and squicked a few people as well).


This is by no means a comprehensive discussion and you should do research on your own and discuss with your partner what boundaries and lines YOU are comfortable with.  I am not a medical professional, and I take no responsibility or liability for results of activities discussed herein.

Pregnant BDSM

***************Body Parts and BDSM*********************

Let’s begin with a quick review of the pregnant body and potential areas of risk/controversy…


In pregnancy, your breasts often swell at least a single cup size, and often more than one due to the development of milk ducts.

There is a great deal of controversy about what you can do, should do, and should abstain from doing with regards to breasts and BDSM with during pregnancy.  I have heard that rope bondange and impact play can damage the developing ducts if done incorrectly, and that restricting blood flow because of tight rope bondage can affect your blood pressure.  I have also been told that the ducts are covered by enough fat that neither impact play nor bondage should actually rupture or injure a developing milk duct.  The second opinion was given more often than the first, but overall the opinions broke down 1/3 to about 2/3rd in favor of breast play being okay.

HOWEVER…and this is different for every woman….but….

My breasts were super sore almost from the second that the word positive flashed on my pregnancy test.  A soft caress was torture, and I didn’t want my husband ANYWHERE near them until almost the end of the first trimester.  You should think about how much your breasts can handle, and be aware that it will change throughout the pregnancy.

I found that my nipples were MUCH more sensitive, and while I was never a fan of nipple clamps prior to pregnancy, I can’t imagine using them at this point.  If you do use them, I’d suggest using a lighter touch and a shorter time limit (safety dictates about a 20 minute max under normal circumstances…I’d suggest no more than 5-10 for a pregnant woman).  As the second trimester progressed, the sensitivity has lessened a bit, but was still significantly higher for me than prior to my pregnancy.

Another thing to factor in when considering using nipple clamps is the colostrum factor…my breasts began discharging colostrum around the second trimester, but for some women this can start much earlier or later than that.  I would imagine, however, that the colostrum could make your nipples much more difficult to clamp, depending on the clamp, and might make them more slippery…and one of the most painful things I’ve ever had happen with nipple clamps is feeling one pop off.  You might want to use something like clothespins or metal clamps to get a better grip than something tipped in rubber that could slide off.

When it comes to bondage, I think that your level of experience should dictate how much you do it while pregnant as well as the tenderness of your breasts.  My partner and I are very much novices at rope bondage–in fact, a friend had only taught us a basic chest harness the weekend I conceived the Little Mistress and we found out about the pregnancy approximately 2 weeks later.  For us, it wasn’t a smart move to continue to play with rope bondage because we just weren’t experienced enough to make good judgment calls.  I think, however, if you’ve been doing it for long enough that you feel confident making judgment calls about how tightly you’re binding the breasts, then you are probably fine to decide for yourself on this.

As for impact play, I decided that erring on the side of caution made sense for us.  We are effectively still novices at BDSM and with the sensitivity factored in, it just didn’t seem like a safe area to play with.


Your belly obviously undergoes the majority of the physical changes when pregnant.  Your muscles stretch as the baby grows.  Your stomach and other organs are shifted up to make way for the growing uterus, so not everything is where it normally is.  See below….

Belly during pregnancy

During the third trimester, the stomach muscles even split apart to allow for the final development of the fetus.

Corsets should not be worn during pregnancy, unless you are wearing a maternity corset that does not constrict your abdomen.  It is interesting to note that post-partum is one of the few times when a training corset can actually reshape your rib cage to help create the desirable hourglass shape.  This is because your rib cage needs to return to it’s original place after opening up a bit in the third trimester…and you can convince it to become smaller.

I’m not entirely clear as to the safety of over-bust corsets when you’re nursing.  I do know that you’re not supposed to wear under wire bras because they can cause plugged ducts and mastitis.  I imagine that the boning in corsets could be equally problematic.  I am, however, planning to occasionally use my under-bust corset while nursing.  Just info for you to know. (Edited to add–I did not, as it happens, wear my under-bust corset often as my milk stained the silk and created a very expensive dry cleaning bill for us the few times I did…the corset became a VERY SPECIAL OCCASION piece while I was lactating).

Impact play is not something you probably ever want to engage in with the stomach.  However, this article talks about the issues surrounding impact during pregnancy.  Basically, the harder you’re hit, the more you’re risking a placental abruption, which could mean early delivery and possible death the fetus.  Don’t do it.  Period.  There was full consensus on this one.

Rope Bondage in pregnancy was a bit more tricky.  I was told by a midwife not to do it because it could/would cut off flow to the fetus.  I was, however, told by an EMT that it’s all about knot placement and just not to do it too tightly.  There was also at least one or two presenters at DO/FW who said they didn’t think it was harmful.

Again, I’m going to say that you’re going to have to make your own call, and you should largely make it upon careful reflection of your skill level.  I would strongly caution you to put fishing line behind at least one rope so that in an emergency you can tug on the fishing line and cut through the bondage rope.  Keep your scissors handy.  In this case, my decision to avoid rope bondage was a combination of inexperience, and that I took the advice of the midwife as being the most expert in this particular area.

When topping, just be careful that you don’t smack yourself in the belly on your swing or follow through.

Inner Thighs

I was told by the same midwife cited in the last section that the inner legs, especially the inner thighs were called “the valley of clots” and that impact there during pregnancy could cause a clot to break loose and cause serious damage to the mother.  I will say that I haven’t found a lot of data to support this, except an article here about pregnancy massage that notes about halfway down that

“During pregnancy, the veins that might harbor these thromboemboli or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are the iliac, femoral and saphenous veins of the inner thigh.”

I was told by the EMT cited in the breast section that biting is fine and poses no risk, but he was the only person to bring up biting.  I met him working as a Dungeon Monitor at FW, so I would assume that he is correct.

Personally, I don’t go in for a lot of play on my inner thighs as they’re ticklish so I can’t speak to this.

The Back

Guess what?  Nothing happens to your back during pregnancy.  Have fun!

Well, not quite nothing…after week 16 or so of your pregnancy, you are not allowed to lay on your back because the weight of your uterus will slow blood flood through the aorta and the vena cava, which takes blood to and from your uterus.  This is a general rule of pregnancy and does not just apply to sex/BDSM.

However, the back is where the majority of our impact play has gone.  It is one of the few areas with no warnings, contradictions, or changes from what is considered safe on a regular basis.  Unlike your organs in the front, your kidneys do not change position, so as long as you knew where they were in the first place, your information is still correct and stay the hell away from them as always.

We chose not to continue to use floggers on me during pregnancy because my partner was working on his aim and I was concerned about wrapping.  He did not have the skill level, although I was open to other partners potentially using floggers and would be open to it during future pregnancies, once my partner has proven aim.

It’s hard to go flying into sub space when you’re focused on how safely your partner’s blows are landing or don’t completely trust their aim.

I would, however, encourage people to continue to use floggers, canes, whips, sensation toys or whatever you currently play with on the back.  I wouldn’t necessarily start using whips or floggers during pregnancy if you haven’t used them before, but as we found out, starting to cane during pregnancy is perfectly safe, especially once you’ve done a few educational sessions (hit there, that’s a bit low, etc).  (Edited to add–In fact, canes have become our favored impact instrument, and there are many options for various sensations…thin, wide, bundled…I strongly encourage anyone who likes that sort of impact play to invest in some good canes for the pregnancy.)

The Ass

Controversy reigns once more.  I have been told the ass is totally safe to wail on, and I have been told it’s totally unsafe.  I’ve been told just to stay away from the crack because of the location of the coccyx (tailbone) and that motion/force would travel though and impact on the uterus.  I’ve been told that the lower cheeks are the only completely safe place to hit a pregnant woman.

Personally, I have no clue when it comes to impact.  We generally played it safe and chose to restrict impact on the ass to hands and moderate impact.

I will say that a big consideration would be what you’re leaning over.  Obviously you want to stay away from any and all furniture that requires you bend over or brace yourself against a hard surface.  Even if being spanked really hard with a hand/paddle/whatever is totally safe, the reaction to the impact (your hand hits my ass, my hips move forward a bit from the force of the impact) is to slam your belly against the solid object, which is NOT SAFE.  If you are going to be bent over, I encourage you to go into “doggy style” position or to lean over a stack of pillows.  You can make your own judgment call about your partner’s lap. (Edited to add…this is one of those things that will be different in each trimester…in my third trimester, doggy over a few pillows was the only comfortable position to accept a spanking)

The Feet

Interestingly, there are pressure points in your feet that can cause you to go into labor.  I have been told by anyone who knows anything about massage, including two massage therapists that you should NEVER rub the bottom of a pregnant woman’s foot.  If you are a professional massage therapist who specializes in pregnant foot massage, maybe you know the specific point to avoid, but for the rest of us, stay away.

I don’t know that caning feet is out, as it seems to be a problem with massaging a specific pressure point that could induce labor, but it’s not my kink.  Tickling is fine, as is sucking and general light touch.  I have gotten a light massage on the tops of my feet and my Achilles tendons which felt nice, and might make for good service bottoming to a pregnant top.

I advise against wearing heels for extended periods during pregnancy, especially if you’re about to engage in a long scene.  I found going barefoot or wearing comfortable flats (I admit it….I switched to flip flops after I’d blindfolded my submissive while topping and when I bottomed we made it a point of humiliation to get into flip flops so that I could feel comfortable and appropriately submissive)  made for a much more enjoyable experience.  Another issue with heels during pregnancy is that they put strain on your low back.  Not that this isn’t always true, but remember, the growing baby is already doing a number on your low back and the relaxin that is coursing through your body is softening and loosening the ligaments in your low back and they can be strained or injured much more easily.  Heels aren’t a total no-no, but they should be worn for shorter periods of time only.  Fetish heels are much higher than normal heels and thus the impact is also more severe.

Upper arms

Again, nothing happens here during pregnancy.  If you’ve done impact play on your biceps before, or even if you haven’t, it’s a great place  to do so during pregnancy.  Make sure you know how to throw a safe punch (so you don’t damage your thumb) before you do so.  I’ve always found it pleasurable to get sensation and impact here.

The Face

There aren’t any major changes that happen to your face (perhaps water retention).  If you’ve done light slapping or whathaveyou before, it is still safe to do so.  If you haven’t, it might be another good thing to try.

*************Emotional Issues*************

I believe a specific concern with BDSM during pregnancy is that as a pregnant woman, your emotional state is almost constantly in flux.  Even if you (like me) are a woman who generally enjoyed verbal humiliation (being called a slut, a whore, whatever) pre-pregnancy, this is not a guarantee that you will continue to do so.  I personally experienced moments when my partner called me a slut and I almost began crying, wondering why he was being so mean to me.

It’s hard to predict when a change will occur.  You need to have iron clad safe words and signals that will stop a scene dead if an emotional change does occur and the pregnant woman no longer feels safe.  While I think this is more of an issue as a bottom, I can see how a top could go through an emotional shift and suddenly want to cry at the idea of calling her submissive names or want to put down the flogger.  It has to be clear to her that it is 100% OKAY if this happens.

Aftercare also becomes a bigger deal when you’re pregnant, or at least it did in my case.  I needed the extra reassurance that I had done well, that I was loved and cherished (especially when I had consented to verbal humiliation within the scene), and that I had to be brought back to myself even more cautiously and carefully than before.

Your sex drive will most likely change and there is NO way to predict how it’s going to change.  I had a LOT of issues early on, which made my sex drive tank.  These problems included early bleeding, for which I was put on pelvic rest (nothing in the vagina), and bleeding every time I orgasmed (which made me scared of sex).  Once I got over the fear (basically once I’d finished the first trimester and was no longer terrified I was about to miscarry for the second time in a row) and finally stopped bleeding, I also suffered from some of the worst pregnancy nausea and vomiting known to woman-kind.  I lost 10 lbs in 5 weeks.  It took anti-nausea meds and time to help me get to a point where sex was even remotely interesting again on a regular basis.  Nothing kills the mood like having to say “get off me, I need to throw up” (unless you’re into that, in which case, I was your dream partner when I was pregnant).

You may have a harder time maintaining the mood.  Many women, including myself, can be sucked out of the mood by a well placed kick, a bout of heartburn (nothing says sexy like throwing up in your mouth a little) or the awkward positions you may have to assume to have intercourse.  My partner and I personally recommend  Nina Hartley’s Guide to Pregnant Sex DVD.  It helps in terms of suggested positions that will be less awkward during the later stages of pregnancy as well as giving a visual demonstration of perineal massage (helpful to keep you from tearing during delivery).

Blood flow increases dramatically during pregnancy and you may find that orgasm is either easier or harder to achieve.  I often find myself shrieking at my husband to touch me more softly on the clit because it was so sensitive.  Often, it’s difficult to achieve orgasm through anything other than a vibrator under my control because it’s too easy to reach the pain point where you know orgasm is never going to happen through touch.

*****************Types of Play and Options********************

This is a tricky and by no means comprehensive list of topics.  I don’t engage in many types of play (blood play particularly comes to mind) so I can only speak to my experiences.


As a switch, most of my fears surrounding pregnancy and BDSM were as a bottom.  Thus I spent the first six or so months of pregnancy exclusively topping.  If you are a bottom, this may be a good time to play with topping.  You feel more in control, you are selecting the toys, and you are the one who is in charge of running the scene.  One of the biggest issues I’ve faced as a pregnant woman is a loss of control of my body…topping was great in that it gave me the illusion of control (and some amount of real control).

However, when you top, you do need to disclose your condition if you’re playing with someone who isn’t your partner.  You need to talk about what limits you might have, such as not using a violet wand on someone (more about electricity play in a minute).  You need to explain that your emotional state may cause you to stop a scene, and you’ll want to arrange a specific phrase that says you’re about to shut a scene down.


Bottoming requires a MUCH more in depth discussion, especially if you’re about to submit to someone new.  I personally chose to not submit to anyone but my husband during my pregnancy.  It was disappointing at times, and there were people who made it clear that they would enjoy topping me whom I would normally have consented to playing with, but the thing is that no one was as invested in the little girl growing inside me as myself and my partner.  Thus, he was the only one I felt comfortable submitting to.  Remind yourself that it is OKAY to be uber choosy about who you submit to while pregnant.

You need to talk about your body, and what YOUR limits are as a submissive.  You need to go over your body parts like I did in the section above and explain what can and can not be done to your body (depending on what YOU are comfortable with and how knowledgeable the top in question is).  You need to have a phrase/safe-word that stops the scene cold.  Explain your needs regarding aftercare as well.

Electricity Play

Don’t do it.  I’m not kidding.  Violet Wands are out.  My physical therapist won’t even do electro-stim on my back because there’s enough of a risk that it could send the uterus into contractions that even when it could provide medical benefit, it was too risky.  Everyone is in strict consensus on this one–stay the hell away from electricity play.

Hot Tubs/Hot Water

This is actually in all the pregnancy books.  You need to avoid submerging your body in hot water, and raising your internal temperature over 101 degrees maximum.  In early pregnancy it can cause death to the fetus, and throughout the pregnancy it can cause harm.  Running a fever of 101 or higher is cause to call your OB right away, so hot baths and especially hot tubs are out.  It’s depressing…believe me, I know, but it’s for the little one’s safety.

Pet Play

This was the only way that I felt comfortable submitting for quite some time.  I invented a pet persona, Kitty, who was a cherished pet kitten of my husband.  I wasn’t allowed to be verbal except for meows (which I can do tonally to express a variety of feelings) which made me submissive.  There was a cue if I did need to communicate in words, which is a necessity especially when you are pregnant and a position becomes uncomfortable (such as being on all fours, which made my belly hurt after a while…an increasingly shorter time the heavier my daughter got).  Being a cherished pet keeps you in the submissive role, but doesn’t bring any of potential issues that impact play or bondage do.


I found this article on pregnant bondage.  It’s worth reading in addition to my comments on bondage with regards to specific body parts above.  There’s also this DVD…not instructional, but if you love bondage and don’t want to do it yourself, you can at least watch it being done.  I haven’t viewed it, but it came up on several google searches.

Something worth contemplating, especially in the later stages of pregnancy is that you probably want to avoid doing rope bondage that limits your mobility for one simple reason–the frequent and irresistible need to pee.  Unfortunately, should the baby decide to hang out on your bladder you will go from zero to sixty in very little time.  After around 20/24 weeks or so, all the kegeling in the world won’t stop you from having an accident.  And you probably don’t want to cut through expensive pretty fetish rope, do you?  Think about doing more decorative bondage as opposed to mobility related bondage.

It bears repeating that you can’t be on your back after 16 weeks of pregnancy, even on a soft bed.  Do not consent/ask a pregnant woman to lay on her back and get tied down.

I don’t know enough about suspension play to give any advice on this topic, but I would guess that it is most likely less safe during pregnancy and you should research it further if you wish to continue to play with suspension.

Impact Play

Like I noted above, you need to take each body part and your/your play partner’s competence into account.  Make the right judgment calls for you.

Fetish Furniture

I’m basically lumping crosses, spanking benches, etc all into one category.  My advice is to be aware of your stomach at all times.  I chose not to be tied to a cross when submitting because I found it much safer to brace my body about six inches off the cross so that I kept it safe at all times.  You don’t ever want to be in a position where a blow would send your stomach into impact with a hard object.

Additionally, remember that after 16 or so weeks you should never be laying flat on your back.  Laying on your back slows blood flow in the vena cava and the aorta which slows blood flow to and from your uterus.  This is a rule in general and not just about sex and BDSM.

Fetish Clothing

As I noted above, corsets should be avoided during pregnancy.  There are pregnancy corsets, but I don’t see the value in spending a ton of money to wear something for such a short period of time.  I know it hurts…remember I went to two sex conventions and had to leave my pretty corsets behind…but it’s for the best.

As noted above again, heels are to be avoided or worn for short periods of time only.

Tight clothing is going to be problematic, and often painful if it’s near your belly.  If it doesn’t breathe or have give, it shouldn’t be near your belly.  You can do all sorts of tight things like vinyl/rubber gloves, tops and skirts if you wear them low enough.

You’re going to have to get creative because your body is changing and it may not go back to normal.  Some women gain a shoe size during pregnancy, so I’d advise against buying cute mistress boots during pregnancy (or do what I did and go a 1/2 size larger if they are the cutest shoes you’ve ever seen and you MUST have them).

I found that things that were see through and mesh or involved elastic waistbands worked best.  Something to consider.  You can also do the exceptionally slutty schoolgirl look.

*******************Medical Stuff*********************

Your OB Needs to Know

This is an uncomfortable conversation.  I’ve had it with two OB’s in the past year.  But they need to know if you are not monogamous (more extensive STD testing and more frequent STD testing than a monogamous woman), and if you are into the scene, especially if you’re going to show up from time to time with bruises.  You may want to try find a doctor on Kink Aware Professionals (an NSCF site) but you may not be able to find an OB there (I wasn’t and I live near a major US city with a TON of hospitals).  You’re going to have to be comfortable doing some education on the topic and possibly interviewing several OB’s or Midwives to find one who is comfortable dealing with a practitioner of BDSM.

In my case, my doctor was a bit thrown, but basically asked me to be careful and said that if I had questions she could try to find answers, but was honest and did not know anything about BDSM.  She asked me once or twice if I was being abused and when I assured her that I am not a victim of domestic abuse, she dropped it and we haven’t spoken of it since roughly 16 weeks of pregnancy.  Not every OB may have this opinion, however, so be prepared.

When to call the doctor/go to the hospital…When things go wrong

You need to know what signs of something wrong are…

1-Clear fluid leaking from your vagina that is not urine and not cum.  I had an embarrassing incident where mid-sex I basically peed on my partner.  However, because of cum and other liquid, I couldn’t quite figure out what the liquid was.  I called the OB’s office and they told me to do the following–wipe, put on a pad and lay down for 1 hour.  If I soaked through a pad in an hour to come in immediately because it was likely premature rupture of membranes.  I didn’t, and we concluded that his weight probably just pressed down on my bladder, causing me to have an accident.  If you see clear liquid and can’t identify it, call your OB right away.

2-Blood.  If you are seeing blood, you need to call your OB.  It could be a sign of miscarriage, a UTI infection, or something totally different.  It depends on where you are in your pregnancy.  In my first pregnancy, it meant I was miscarrying.  In my second, it was because my placenta had some trouble implanting and some blood had pooled in my uterus–every time I orgasmed, some came out.  There’s NO WAY of telling, and you need to talk to the doctor ASAP.

3-Contractions.  If you are feeling contractions, you need to talk to your doctor.  If you are before week 36, and feel more than 4 in an hour (or whatever guidelines your doctor may give you) it’s a warning sign and you want to get into the hospital before you go into active labor…they can stop it most of the time.

4-Dizziness or Faintness–could be a warning sign of many things.  Call your doctor.

5-Decreased Fetal Movement-after 28 weeks, you should be doing regular kick counts.  If your baby is showing decreased fetal movements, do not wait several days to call your doctor.  Call them immediately.

In the end, it is much better to be the worried pregnant lady than to be the lady who loses a baby because she didn’t call the doctor.

**************Final Thoughts***************************

This has been a lengthy but not comprehensive look at pregnancy and BDSM.  If you are someone who has engaged in BDSM while pregnant, please add your experiences to the comments and I’ll string them together into a follow up post.  If you are a doctor or other medical professional and have additional information, please do the same.  If you want to share information, but do not want to be identified publicly email me at the link in the right hand column and I’ll post it for you anonymously.  Please just identify where your info is coming from in your email.

If you have specific questions that I haven’t addressed, please email them to me directly or post them as comments.  I have several contacts I can email and am happy to do research.  If I can’t find an answer, I at least promise not to bullshit you and will confess that I don’t know/couldn’t find you an answer.

Sex during pregnancy can be fun, and pregnancy is not a reason to stop being kinky.  You need to be informed, make the judgment calls that are right for you, and be open to the idea that your limits and boundaries are going to be shifting.  Communication with your lover(s) is key during this time especially.

I hope that I’ve been somewhat informative, and that this helps at least one pregnant and scared horny pervert.  I’ve tried to write the article I wish I had found as a newly pregnant woman who wanted to play but had no clue what I could and couldn’t do.