Nauseau and Sexual Desire…First trimester woes…

I am somewhere around 8 weeks pregnant.  I’m so nauseous that I’ve begun taking the prescription anti-nauseau drugs that kept me out of the hospital during my last pregnancy, when I threw up so much that I was dropping weight at an alarming rate and could keep nothing down.  While these medications have kept the violent upchucking at bay, they can’t stop the nausea entirely.

Nausea versus desire is the intersection of my pregnancy and my sexuality, and there have recently been epic battles between the two.

On one hand, my nausea is such that sex, even masturbation, is not even remotely high on my list of priorities.

On the other, when my sex drive manages to get a toehold, the nausea can interfere with the successful pursuance and completion of that desire.  Nothing says “ooh baby, ooh baby” like feeling your bile rise from the physical motion of intercourse.

Are there solutions?  Yes and no…

First the bad news.  I have no magic cure all that will restore your sex goddesshood without complication or interruption.

I *do* have some suggestions that have worked

  • Timing.  If you need medical (ie prescription) aid, wait for that short window where meds have kicked in but have not yet begun to wane and whip out the toys/throw your partner down.
  • Manual manipulation/toys.  If you can handle being manually manipulated, that can be a workable solution if the physical movements of intercourse are too nausea inducing for you.
  • Talking.  Talking through fantasies with your partner…basically doing the verbal version of sexting or erotic im-ing.  Walk through what you’d like to do, no matter how out of the realm of possibility it is for you in the moment.  Connecting with your partner is what’s important.
  • Watch porn with your parnter–If you are comfortable with porn (and not everyone is) watching a dvd that appeals to both of you can be a great shared erotic experience.


Finally…perhaps the most pragmatic advice…this too, shall pass.  Eventually.


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