Guest Post–An Interview with Tanith Lee

Today I welcome fellow Totally Bound author, Tanith Lee to my blog. Her new book Wish I’d Never Met You looks like such a great coming of age story. I can’t wait to read it.



1–Hi Tanith! Tell us a little about you.

I’ve been writing erotic romance for about nine years, published for six, and I live in Yorkshire with my husband and two cats Dash and Spot. I’ve been published by Totally Bound, Naughty Nights Press and House of Erotica, and there’s nothing I love more than watching a horror film with a Mojito by my side.

2–Tell us about your journey from aspiring writer to published author.

I began my debut novel when I was 27 but was spurred on by the onset of my 30th birthday to get it finished. At the same time I was taking the Writers News course in fiction writing and had been connected to the RNA via my tutor, so I submitted my novel under the NWS. After receiving feedback and reworking it I submitted to several e-publishers and was accepted by Totally Bound, who I’ve been very happy with ever since!

3–Who has influenced you

I’ve been influenced by a number of people as my writing has progressed – Victoria Blisse (who introduced me to Smut By The Sea) and Gina Kincade (who invited me to submit to Naughty Nights Press) have been particularly influential and have broadened my horizons considerably. I also learned how to blog by working with Kallypso Masters on Red Lipstick Diaries. I would also have to give credit to my tutor Valerie Holmes and the Book Doctor Debi Alper who first advised me to re-brand my writing.


4–Where do you usually write, and what’s your ideal writing space?

I do most of my prep work curled up on the sofa surrounded by cats, which is perfect for me as I can either glance up at the TV or stroke one of them whenever I get stuck. They also like to lie behind me when I’m on the computer in case I need a two-minute snuggle break.

5–Tell us about your current book.

Flick Lindenwood, fresh from college, has returned home to the suburban haven of Green Valley, back to society…and the source of her heartbreak. Four years ago Elodie Hamilton savagely broke her heart, and Flick has no intention of letting her pretty ex get back under her skin. As far as she’s concerned, she and Elodie never happened.

But Elodie has other ideas.

Afraid to come out, Elodie chose to destroy her relationship with Flick rather than let her family know who she was. But now she wants to right the wrong she did—if she can only find the nerve, and if she can convince Flick to see past the pain she caused.

6–What’s your next writing project(s)?

I’m working on a paranormal novella for Totally Bound and planning out a possible entry for a Sex in Space anthology.

iwishidnevermetyou_800 (1)


‘You know what I love about you? You always drink your coffee too hot.’

It had been their final year of school when Flick and Elodie had really noticed each other.

Both avoiding gym class—Flick with a wrenched ankle, Elodie with a broken finger—they had sat together behind a hedge on the school grounds, sunlight warming the grass, comparing notes on that hideous essay their literature teacher had set. Flick had glanced across at Elodie and desire had flushed through her, igniting her nerves. She had longed just to reach over and brush that blonde forelock out of Elodie’s blue eyes.

She had known for some months that she had no interest in boys, but had told no one, nor had she planned to.

It had all happened so suddenly. As she’d leaned closer, Elodie’s hand had landed on top of hers, and when Flick had turned to look at her, their faces had been too close to resist. She would have pulled away and apologized, except that Elodie had been kissing her back with such force that she had fallen back on the grass, feeling Elodie’s soft weight roll on top of her.

‘You know what I love about you? You always play your music too loud.’

Elodie had been cute, pixieish, her short blonde hair in a messy cap pushed back from her clear-skinned face. She’d had a way of tilting her head to one side that came over as thoughtful and curious at the same time. And she had been fascinated with psychology, always analyzing what people were thinking, reading their body language.

‘You know what I love about you? You always pick the weirdest meal in a restaurant.’

“Why do you love that about me?” Flick had asked.

Elodie had given her a sweet smile. “Because you do everything like it’s the last day of your life. You take chances, you take risks. You enjoy everything to the max.”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“No.” Elodie had looked down into her cappuccino, mouth turning down. “I don’t. My mom would disown me if I did anything she didn’t like.”

You mean like coming out? Flick hadn’t asked the question—she’d known the answer already. Rightly or wrongly, Elodie had been terrified of coming out. Hell, Flick had been nervous about the idea of coming out herself. It was much simpler to play at being friends, friends who read poetry together and practiced their music and hung out, snatching moments under the bleachers and under the bedclothes when no one was around.

Oh, Elodie. So sweet, so adorable, so good with her hands. So able with her fingertips—able to torment every spot, dipping her moist fingers between Flick’s folds until Flick was biting down on her wrist to hold back her cries. So pretty when she came, gasping and moaning as she’d writhed on Flick’s tongue.

So easy to love.

Right up until the end of summer, the day before Flick left for college.

The day that text had broken Flick’s heart.

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Guest Post: Cover Reveal–Spying with Sir by Judy Jarvie


TA-DAH! Spying With Sir Cover


Thanks for having me, Delilah. I’m so glad you’re doing well after your op.

And double thanks for letting me visit to unveil the new cover for my next book in the Sassy With Sir Series, Spying With Sir. To say I adore this cover is much too tame, the series covers just keep getting better. But Emmy Ellis at Totally Bound always produces amazing covers – I think she works book magic!

So Spying With Sir will be out for pre-order at Totally Bound mid August 2016 and general release at the end of September. In a nutshell it’s a rom com mixed with a romantic suspense story set in London and Santorini, Greece. It’s a sassy tale of criminal chemistry, black ops and high octane attraction. A reporter meets her strict sir undercover agent match and her New Yorker agent finds meeting her the most challenging assignment of his on the edge career.

Scoring With Sir (Book #1 in the Sassy with Sir series is also out now if you fancy a dose of rom com sizzle.

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Thanks for letting me drop by and show off my new book baby xxx

Judy Jarvie

Guest Post: Not Your Typical Heroine by Willa Edwards

Hi all! I’m still recuperating from surgery last week. Today Willa Edwards is taking over the blog to talk about a heroine she never expected to write. Stick around to enter her giveaway!


I’ll be the first to admit I usually write heroines similar to myself. I have always said I don’t usually feel like a writer but more the first reader of all my stories. And I like to read stories about women I can relate to. I assume most of my readers do as well (if I’m wrong, feel free to correct me).

Now these characters aren’t all exactly the same. They have different likes and dislikes. Different focuses and fantasies. But in the end they are all loyal, caring, and passionate. All the traits I esteem, and hope I have.

So when a heroine stared knocking on my mind who was selfish, out for herself, immoral and somewhat destructive. I thought, I can’t write a story about her. Who would want to read about someone so dreadful? Those are the characteristics that make a villain, not a heroine. And in true McKenna fashion, the more I ignored her the more she demanded to tell her story. (I did say she was selfish!) Until finally I had no choice but to do what she said.

But as I wrote her story, she slowly started to show me her sensitive, vulnerable side, and exactly how she became the person she is. I came to realize through the course of the story that though she may not be the typical heroine, that might make her the character I’ve written who is most in need of love. Because it isn’t just the loyal, passionate heroines that need love or even deserve it. We all do. Even the selfish, out for themselves, demanding heroines. Love has the ability to make us all the best versions of ourselves. Especially them.

McKenna story, Sensual Sabotage, is now available with Siren publishing. Though McKenna might not be your typical heroine, I hope you will all give her a shot to take up a place in your heart, the same way she has for me.


McKenna James came to work for Hamilton and Brewer Associates with only one thing on her mind. And it isn’t a long lasting career. She’s after a copy of their plans for a waste-less oil refinery that a rival company will pay her six figures to take. But, when Sawyer and Chris catch her in the act, she learns a lot more about her bosses as they handcuff her to a chair and torture the truth out of her.

When Sawyer Hamilton and Chris Brewer stumble upon their receptionist trying to fleece their newest designs, the dominant in both of them comes raging to the surface. They intend to protect what is theirs. No matter what. But when their interrogation turns sexy, they are both in danger of losing more than just their plans. Luckily they both have experience with bound women who have smart mouths.

Can two nerdy doms tame a thief bent on stealing from them? Or will the harlot take their hearts along with their plans?

we-that-sensualsabotage (2)


She grabbed her purse from behind her desk and headed down the hall, toward Sawyer’s and Chris’s offices. It didn’t matter which she entered. They both had what she needed. Access to the secure server.

Stepping to the first door, Chris’s office, she tried the handle. Locked. Not a huge surprise but still inconvenient. She pulled her tools from her purse, selecting the tension wrench from the set and pushing it into the lock. Holding the metal in place, she used the pick to release each of the pins. She closed her eyes, allowing her muscle memory to do all the work. She’d been picking locks since she’d run away from home—if that was what you wanted to call it—and needed a warm place to sleep for the night. This paltry lock was nothing compared to what she’d come in contact with over the years.

Not for the first time, she wondered how there could be something valuable in this office. This building was nothing like the usual places she was hired to break into. No marble tiles, expensive leather furniture, or high-end computers filled out the rooms. Instead, the place reminded her of a down-on-his-luck seventies PI she’d seen on TV as a kid. The carpets were old, covered in stains, and a color that could only be described as faded mold.

Not that it really mattered to her. She didn’t care what she stole or why. All she cared about was retrieving what she was hired to find and collecting her payment. Asking questions about her clients or their motivations for employing her services only got her into trouble.

She stirred up enough of that already. She didn’t need more.

Walking across the room, she rounded the desk. Her instructions were clear, as was the bounty requested. And there was only one place to get it.

She knocked the mouse and the monitor came to life, prompting her for a password. While she’d been offered a lot of trust in the last week she’d worked here, they hadn’t gone so far as to give her all the company passwords. She searched the desktop, looking for any sign of what word to guess. Between the intricate computer system in front of her and the owner’s age, she doubted it was password.

A small, neon pink Post-it hung from the edge of the computer. Vet appointment Thursday 1:30. Chris must have a pet. She looked over at the picture on his desk of a big yellow lab eagerly licking the face of a little girl with big, dark brown eyes the same shade as Chris’s. Her small, chubby arms gripped around the dog’s neck.

McKenna stared at the scene, almost with longing. She could almost hear the little girl’s laughter as she played with the sweet, energetic canine. The Bay Park Bridge filled up the back of the frame. The park was a popular spot to have birthday parties and family events. The perfect place for a dog and little girl to have the best day of their lives.

It was a reality McKenna had never known. A happy, loving family. Picnics filled with lemonade and laughter. Her childhood parties were comprised of swears and thrown beer bottles, if she got a party at all.

Not that she cared about any of that stuff. She’d grown up just fine without it. Now she took care of herself. It had all worked out.

The picture frame was covered with dog bones and, at the bottom, engraved with the word Hugo. Chris loved that dog, probably more than any human. A lightbulb flashed in her mind. He did love that dog. So much that he probably used his dog’s name as a password. It was worth a shot.

She leaned over the keyboard, hunting out each letter. Too short for any logical password, she added the year at the end. Holding her breath, she hit enter and waited for the rejection. The screen flashed for a second then dissolved to the desktop. Another picture of the same dog, this time rolling on his back, looked back at her from the backdrop on the screen.

Wow! That was easy. Too easy. Clearly Chris and Sawyer had no idea how much they needed a good security system. Or how many people wanted what they had. Lucky for her. This might be the easiest job she’d been offered in a while.


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Speechless by Tamsin Flowers

I’m so honored to host Tamsin Flowers today!  Tamsin is a dear friend and one of the most talented erotica authors out there. If you’re not familiar with her work, you should be! I had the privilege of beta-reading her BDSM-themed serial Alchemy XII. We have also shared paged in several anthologies, including Summer Loving. When I asked her if she wanted to guest post while I was in the hospital, I was so excited when she offered me a previously unpublished story!!



Tamsin Flowers


His mother had christened him Bartholomew, his friends called him Barty, but Leonard had called him Batman from the very first day they met. And that was so many years ago now that neither of them could remember why. It might have started as ‘Bart, man’, but now it was Batman and it didn’t really matter why. That’s just how it was.

Barty lay in bed, pretending he was still asleep. He could sense Leonard fidgeting next to him and then he felt mattress shift as Leonard got out of bed. Bare feet on the wooden floor boards, crossing towards the window.

“Hey, would you look at that? The Petersens have got a new car.”

Barty pulled the covers up to shield his ear.

“I don’t know what they were thinking, with that color. It’s yellow, Batman, bright yellow. What were they thinking? It’s really not a good color when you need to resell a car. Is it? Would you ever by a yellow car? Geez, I don’t think that guy’s too bright. A yellow car.”

Even with his eyes shut Barty could see Leonard shaking his head.

“But it’s a nice day. Haven’t seen the sun like that all week. We should go out somewhere, maybe. Do something. But you know what I’d like first, Batman? I’d like you to screw me six ways to Sunday and then all the way back again. You know, fuck me proper, just how I like it. Just how you like it. What d’you say, Batman? Are you awake? Are you even awake yet?”

Barty raised a hand from beneath the quilt in quiet surrender.

“Okay, okay. I know it—you need coffee. A nice big coffee to get your motor running. Say, what did you think of those new beans I got? The first cup, I thought was good…”

Barty’s cock hardened under the covers. He didn’t need coffee to fuck Leonard. But he sure as hell would like one.

“…but the second tasted a little bitter to me. What did you think? Did you even have two cups?”

“Coffee,” said Barty.

“Coffee, right, I’ll go make some. Coming right up, coming right up.”

Barty could still hear Leonard talking in the kitchen even if he couldn’t make out what he was saying. Leonard came back with a tray holding two mugs.

“Here we go, coffee for the sleepy head. Did you just go back to sleep, Batman? Are you awake now?”

Barty sat up in bed with a groan. He reached across and opened the drawer of his bedside cabinet.

“What are you after, Batman? I’ll get it. Here, let me.”

Leonard came round to Barty’s side of the bed and put one of the mugs of coffee down on the cabinet.

“What have you got there?” he said, as Barty found what he wanted and pulled it out of the drawer.

He held up a ball gag.

Leonard’s eyebrows shot up.

“No, no, no. Not that, please, not the gag. Not today, Barty.” He only ever used ‘Barty’ when he was afraid. “Come on, it’s a nice day. We could have a nice fuck. You don’t need to gag me. I promise I’ll be quiet. Really. I will. Just don’t use the gag, hey?”

Leonard wasn’t scared of what Barty was going to do to him. He was just terrified at the prospect of not being able to articulate every single fucking thought that went through his mind.

“Leonard,” said Barty.

It was all he had to say. Leonard submitted himself to Barty’s possession and two minutes later he was spread-eagled on the bed, cuffed at the wrists, with the ball gag snugly in his mouth. Barty stood at the end of the bed looking down at him. Leonard was naked but Barty still wore his pajama pants and his cock tented out against the thin, striped cotton. He slipped his hand under the waistband and stroked himself, watching as Leonard’s eyes widened.

“You’re quiet,” said Barty.

Leonard grunted at the back of his throat and frowned. Barty laughed and discarded his trousers. He knelt on the bed, between Leonard’s legs. Leonard’s cock danced in front of him, but Barty didn’t reach out for it.

“Ah,” he said slowly. “There’s something I wanted to say and now I’ve got the chance.”

But he stopped talking and picked up a tube of lube from the cabinet. He tenderly spread Leonard’s legs and bent them up at the knee, and then applied a generous slick of lube to his ass crack. Barty’s hands were strong and sensitive from years as a sculptor—he worked and molded Leonard’s ass cheeks until the other man moaned with pleasure behind the gag. One finger, then two, prepared the way for him and then he pushed his dick hard into Leonard’s sweet, tight little ass. And no matter how many times he did it, it always felt the same. Always felt so good, like coming home. He pulled back and then rammed it home again. Leonard’s hips jumped and he pulled at the cuffs that secured him to the bed frame.

Barty glanced down at Leonard’s cock, dripping pre-cum across his stomach as it bucked which each one of Barty’s thrusts. That he loved. Watching Leonard come, watching his white spunk spurting across his soft belly.

But it would have to wait. He was on a mission today.

“Yeah, that thing,” he said, stopping with his cock deep inside Leonard.

Leonard moaned and shook his head. He hated being talked at when he couldn’t reply. Barty stroked his leg in consolation.


Leonard shook his head frantically.

“We’ve been together quite a time. It’s been a few years.” He paused and looked up at the ceiling, then over at the window. He looked back down at Leonard. “Would you marry me?”

In front of him on the bed, there was an explosion of emotion. Leonard couldn’t speak so he did everything but. He spluttered out bubbles at the edge of the ball gag, as muffled squeals died in the back of his throat. His arms thrashed against their restraints and his legs flapped about like fish out of water.

“Huh? You wanna say something?” said Barty. He resumed fucking him, slowly, easily, gliding in and out. “It can wait. Can’t you see I’m kind of busy.”

But he eventually took pity on Leonard and grabbed his cock. He worked his hand up and down it in the same rhythm, speeding up as his fucking gained pace. Harder and faster until he came with gruff moan, and seconds later Leonard came in his hand, choking against the gag and still just as frenzied.

Barty slumped forward against him, not caring that Leonard’s cum smeared his chest and gut.

“You okay, Len?” he said.

Leonard snarled as far as he was able. Barty pulled out of him and undid the gag. Leonard sat up, choking and coughing. His mouth was working but no words came out.

“Len?” said Barty.

One word.

“Speechless,” spluttered Len. His mouth moved some more but there were no other words.

So Barty fucked him six ways to Sunday, until finally Leonard found his voice again. But by that time they’d both forgotten the question.

“Yellow,” muttered Leonard. “Such a shit color for a car.”


Want more of Tamsin’s M/M stories? Check out Doing it for the Coach

doingitforthecoach_800Private Jimmy Jackson wants to make it onto the squad boxing team—and when he meets Coach Perry, he realises that’s not all he wants…

Private Jimmy Jackson joined the army for one reason—for the chance it would give him to box on the All Army Team and turn professional. But as a gay soldier, he sometimes needs to use his fists for other reasons, so when he arrives at his new unit at Fort Sandbridge, his main aim is to keep his head down, work hard and impress the coach. What he hadn’t bargained for was the sheer animal attraction that springs up between himself and Coach Virgil Perry the moment they meet. All Jimmy can think of is taking their momentary locker-room encounter further, and his fantasies are fuelled by dreams of what they could get up to alone together.

Luckily, Jimmy impresses Coach Perry enough with his boxing to be included in the training squad and, with his roommate and sparring partner, Moreno, he begins to prepare for the All Army Championships. A steamy off-camp incident with Coach Perry raises the stakes even higher. Perry makes it clear that if Jimmy wins his championship, he’ll make it onto the All Army Team with the opportunity of some one-on-one training. If he loses, he’ll be off the squad and his dreams of Coach Perry will be shattered.

The competition arrives and just three rounds stand between Jimmy and his dreams…



An Interview with Judy Jarvie

Hi all! While I’m in the hospital, please enjoy my interview with Judy Jarvie. She’s dishing with us about the first book in her Sassy with Sir series–Scoring with Sir, just in time for you to read it before book #2 comes out later this summer. I’ve added both to my summer reading list!


 1–Hi Judy! Tell  us a little about you. 

I’m a stay at home mum to two girls and I live in Scotland. I’ve been writing as a serious hobby for well over a decade now though it’s only recently I’ve moved to writing HOT Romantic Comedy proper and Scoring With Sir is my first novel published by Totally Bound. Prior to that I was published in contemporary romance but my funny bone could stay quiet no longer. In 2013 I stopped writing for two years after receiving a shock cancer diagnosis – it’s changed my life but in good ways. I’m now consciously so grateful for my health, for every day, for great friends and family and for every word count I can muster! Oh and writing books that make people laugh are a bonus to the above.

 2–Tell us about your writing journey

I joined the RNA (the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association) in 2003 and started writing my first full manuscripts. It was a huge learning curve. Eventually I had six novels published by small presses and in print in the UK. It’s only recently that I’ve turned my hand to humor and I’m loving the hilarious twists of the journey. Now that I’ve turned to rom com I don’t think I’ll ever look back. Especially since thanks to Totally Bound I can combine it with hot love scenes. Now that’s job satisfaction.

 3–Who has influenced you?

Great question. I’m a huge fan of JD Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Harlequin writer Anne McAllister creates heroes that have made me fall deeply in love with them for years. In fact I tried to write for Harlequin for many years. I’m a new fan of Emma Chase who blows me away with her jaw dropper heroes. I love TV comedy – Brooklyn Nine Nine being my current must-see and I never miss Game of Thrones. I rely heavily on music to help me ramp the wordcount with playlists for every book though my music taste is eclectic to say the least. Disco features largely.

  4—Where  do you usually write, and what’s your ideal writing space?

I usually write at a small desk in the spare room or on the lounge sofa. But I’m lucky enough to have a den in the garden that I can creep off to though it’s chairs are so comfy I tend to fall asleep (hence the spare room and sofa preference!) I’m a big fan of peaceful gardens so my ultimate writing sanctuary would be a lodge in a deep forest with a serene lake (though that kinda sounds like a slasher movie waiting to happen so maybe that’s best just as a dream!)

5–Tell us about your current book


Scoring With Sir – Sassy With Sir Series #1

A teacher with secrets meets her strict Sir match. Izzy earns hot bedroom lessons but scoring as Sir’s mistress brings red cards and penalties.

Teacher and football fan turned secret erotica author Izzy Tennant needs full-on steam scenes and real-life experience for her debut novel. Ex-premier league footballer now PE head Will Darby has the moves but his sports pedigree causes friction. Their sass threatens a lust volcano or an ugly fistfight. The sensual tension builds to an inferno when they re-enact erotica scenes at his player mansion.

Scoring items on her X-rated kink list provides Izzy with bestseller spice. But how will her Penalty Master take the revelation that he’s just research? And how will Izzy handle the news that Will’s keeping secrets of his own? Falling for her sex mentor and craving his extreme play wasn’t part of the bonk-buster plan. Nor was reliving past hurts in action replay.

Scoring with Sir is a contemporary romantic erotic comedy with a Glee setting, a Dom/sub secret, a football crazy heroine and an A-list football star hero. Banter and bedroom action guaranteed and fantasies scored in memorable style.

6–What’s your next writing project(s)?

My next book will be out from Totally Bound for pre-order mid August. It’s the Sassy With Sir Series Book #2 titled Spying With Sir. I’m still a bit in love with it and I hope to do a cover reveal soon! The cover is drool-worthy but I’m keeping it under wraps.



Will has his hand braced on the side of the car boot—I notice long fingers, a brief sensual note my brain bites onto like a rabid vampire. His lemony body wash isn’t half bad either.

He’s staring at my card wallet now. My credit card holder is Arsenal F C embellished—a gift from last birthday. Then my Filofax—it’s covered in player pic stickers. They’re my hot squad heroes of legend; Thierry Henry, Freddie Lundberg and Robert Pires.

Will gently puts his hand to the back of his head. “You need major detox. Ever consider a makeover at the taste academy?”

I put one hand on hip—provocative and petulant in response. “I’m considered a gourmand with a Fellowship.”

My keys appear in the midst of the mess from my bag. They are on their Arsenal cannon key ring. Will picks them up using the end of a pen he’s taken from his pocket. As if he’s found a missing finger in the woods and he’s retrieving it with a stick.

“There you are. Bad keys. You made mummy worried,” I say with droll sarcastic voice fully employed.

Will’s answer weighs heavy for his soft tone. “You need a bag organizer. Or a change of teams.”

I bite my lip. “Only an ex-Tottenham player could specialize in organizing handbags.”

Will straightens to his full six and almost half feet. Wow, he’s big. His wave of offended testosterone nearly causes my wipeout. He pulls out a pair of sports wraparound sunspecs and dons them.

“Fighting talk.” He’s close—his voice a threat-coated challenge.

“You set your stall out with the top league, you play hard rules,” I bluster but inside my heart is revving and my nerves are jiving under his watchful scrutiny.

Will’s bristling so much he could have his own broom factory. “I don’t know about handbags. But you’ve backed the losing side.”

“Nice specs, Mr. Shady. But you’re going home in an Arsenal ambulance.” It’s a famous line—sometimes the old chants are the best.

Will picks up my Arsenal baseball cap. Then my Arsenal sunglasses. The miniature picture of Tony Adams is, I believe, my coup de grâce. He shoves them into my bag as I’m piling the other paraphernalia back. Thank God I hadn’t got my Gunners spare knickers there but I used them recently as a white board duster. I turn and flip my hair—what else would Beyoncé do? The hair thing and a pivot always win.

“You’re something, Izzy the English teacher.” Will raises the shades and watches me. He inspects the name on my staff pass that he’s pinched and kept in his hand without me noticing.

“Give that back.”

“It’s been illuminating.” He returns it.

My inner rampaging football hooligan is still AWOL. “The pleasure’s yours.”

I watch him ascend into his pimp wagon and start the engine. He rolls down his window and starts a loud bass anthem. I walk to my rusty but trusty car and click the key fob. I’ve scored a small Arsenal goal for womankind by proving myself immune.

But Will purposefully curb crawls past with an inch to spare. His tone changes to turbo charged. “Consider this a warning. In future, you’ll call me Sir. Unless you pull your Arsenal socks up.”

His tiger smile flashes as he passes.

He got the last word. But next time, vengeance will be mine.

Now available from

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An Interview With Kait Gamble

Today I’m interviewing fellow Totally Bound author Kait Gamble, whose new book Sins in the Sand (Totally Five Star:Dubai) is coming out today!  Totally Five Star is a line of books produced by Totally Bound that take place in the Totally Five Star Hotel Chain–the ultimate luxury brand.

Let me tell you–the excerpt is so good I immediately ran out and bought several of her books. I’ll do a more in-depth review later, but Breaking Rossi’s Rules was so good, I stayed up all night to finish it. I’m now a huge Kait Gamble fan!




1–Hi Kait! Tell us a little about you. 

Hi Delilah! Thanks for having me. What can I say? I’m just your typical geeky, coffee drinking, cat loving, erotic romance author. I love reading (and writing) about billionaires, travel and if there’s secret baby or a mention of Atlantis somewhere in a book, I’m in! When I’m not writing I tend to be found gaming, gardening or experimenting in the kitchen, not necessarily in that order.


2–Tell us about your journey from aspiring writer to published author.

I started writing as a child, like many of us. I’d create little worlds populated by my stuffed animals and friends. As I got older the urge to write never stopped. I dabbled in fanfiction for a little while and received a lot of good feedback which prompted me to write original work and submit. After my first book got published, life got in the way for a couple of years but I’m back now!


3–Who has influenced you (personally, not just professionally)?

Of course, family has had a huge influence on my views on life and therefore my writing. A lot of writers have as well. I grew up reading just about everything and anything I could get my hands on but eventually gravitated toward romance. I figure since it’s what I love to read, writing within the genre is a great place for me.



4–Where do you usually write, and what’s your ideal writing space?

I spend a lot of time writing either at my desk or in the living room in various spots. I have a chair that is perfect. The right amount of space for my arms, back support, it’s comfy and the perfect distance from the coffee table so I can reach my coffee and put my feet up if I like, but I share it with a cat so you can imagine how often we clash over it.


5–Tell us about your current book

Sins in the Sand (Totally Five Star Dubai) from Totally Bound

Who knew lies and billionaires were an explosive combination?

Kendra has scrimped and saved to care for her ailing father and to keep bailing out a sister who can’t seem to get her life in order. When Kendra is moved to Dubai and into a job at the illustrious Totally Five Star Hotel, she can’t afford to let anything ruin it.

So when a celebrity whom Kendra closely resembles doesn’t show up for a big charity event and Kendra is recruited to take her place, she can’t say no. After all, everything has been set up so that her deception won’t be exposed…

Only, no one could have predicted that rival billionaires Nikos and Dmitri would be at the event, willing to bid astronomical sums to win the dinner prize—time with Kendra. Or that the chemistry between her and the men would be so explosive…

Overwhelmed and completely out of her depth, Kendra finds herself drawn to both powerful, enigmatic men, and they seem just as taken with her.

But what will Nikos and Dmitri do when they find out the truth?


6–What’s your next writing project(s)?

I’m currently working on the second in my YA duology (under the name Kacie Ji) and my editor reminded me that I had pitched a paranormal series that I got distracted from with all the Totally Five Star books that somehow burst from my brain all in one go. I’m gearing up to jump back into that.



Sins in the Sand Excerpt


Kendra sighed but kept the practiced smile fixed on her lips. “I’m sorry, but—”

“Sorry is not a word you should use with a patron.” The overly starched man glared down his nose at her. “I was told this was a first-class hotel. You should be able to get me whatever I need!” He slammed his hand against the glossy marble of the strategically placed barrier between them.

“Sir…” How could she put this delicately? “We do not procure…that sort of thing.” Kendra fought not to shrink away from his wide-eyed rage. She also caught the tremble in his hand and the sweat building at his temples and on his upper lip. Would he turn violent if she couldn’t get him what she wanted?

“Where’s your manager?” he roared.


He lunged over the barrier at her. “If you ‘sir’ me one more time…!”

“Mr. Castillo. What a pleasure to see you again.” Julia Monroe slipped in front of Kendra with an easy smile. “How can I help you? I’m Julia, the manager here.”

“Your receptionist,” he spat, “doesn’t seem to understand how to treat guests with the proper respect.”

“Kendra is new. I’m sure we can help if you follow me.” Julia glanced pointedly at Kendra as she brushed past. She was going to get it when Julia was done with the man.

Still, it was preferable to dealing with an irate, entitled junkie. Forcing her shaking hands to function, she finished off the clerical work she had to do before another patron greeted her.

Being an employee at a Totally Five Star Hotel was an amazing opportunity. Kendra had imagined rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous while working in the most luxurious of hotels. So when she got transferred to Dubai, she thanked her lucky stars. In her mind, she had made it into the best of the best.

It had only been a few weeks, but Kendra had already seen more wonderful and bizarre things than she’d ever wanted and had to deal with some of the most insane clientele imaginable. It ranged from strange requests like taking toy poodles out to relieve themselves—only on real grass—in the middle of the night, to arranging ‘private parties’ with arrays of women who were obviously paid to be there. And she did it all with a smile.

Rich people were crazy.

She had worked her fingers to the bone while at university to pay her way only to have her father fall ill. It had taken everything she’d earned and then some to make sure he was comfortable in the end. Kendra hadn’t finished school, but had managed to get her foot in the door with Totally Five Star. Everyone knew that they took care of their staff.

She’d be set.

If she didn’t get herself fired.

After receiving another set of guests, Kendra smoothed her skirt and walked into the break room for a glass of water. It was the first moment she’d had to breathe since getting in that morning. There was a tray of fruit that the staff was allowed to share and sandwiches prepared by one of the hotel’s restaurants on top of all the gourmet coffee they could drink, but she had a shake in the fridge that she liked to take sips from whenever she got the chance. It filled her up and kept her going even through the most demanding days.

Kendra opened the fridge, relishing the thought of having some of the shake. Only it wasn’t there.

One of the porters walked in as she let the door swing shut. “Ahmed? Do you know if anyone took my shake?”

He shook his head as he straightened his uniform. “I haven’t seen a thing.” Ahmed stretched his neck from side to side. “I’ve been running around trying to catch the tiny rat dogs that old lady who came in last night brought with her. Man, those things are fast.”

Kendra felt sorry for him. She might have had to deal with some crazy stuff, but Ahmed and the rest of the porters were used like serfs by the clients a lot of the time. “I feel your pain.”

He practically inhaled an apple then pounded a soft drink. He sighed happily once it was drained. “Back to work. See you later.”

She waved and plucked a few grapes from the tray.

“What are you pouting about now?” Desiree, the other receptionist, sashayed into the room on her Louboutins and sniffed at Kendra disdainfully as she pulled out a bottle of water then took a delicate sip.

“I’m not pouting. And if I was, it would be over someone taking my shake from the fridge.”

Desiree screwed up her face. “Why would anyone steal that swill?” She tapped a French-manicured nail against her perfectly painted lips. “Now that you mention it, I did throw out a molding bottle of something this morning.” She nodded toward the garbage.

That conniving… Kendra looked inside to see her still-full bottle sitting in the midst of the trash.

She fished it out and dropped it in the sink.

“I didn’t know that was still good. It doesn’t look fit for anyone to consume. Sorry.” She smirked and walked back out.

“Sorry my ass.” The woman had had it in for her since the moment she arrived and Kendra had no idea why. They’d never known each other prior to coming to work there. They had been relocated at about the same time—Desiree from Paris and Kendra from Vancouver. They rarely spoke and hardly had anything to do with each other at work and yet, Desiree seemed to hate her.

There was nothing direct or overt. Usually it was a snide comment or a backhanded compliment here and there. Or when they were stuck together, things would just go wrong for Kendra and she knew in her gut that it was because of that woman.

She poured the ruined contents of the bottle down the sink. So much for that. Kendra put the bottle in her little locker and sighed. It was going to be a long night.

Just as she was about to return to her station, Julia strode in with her phone pinned between her shoulder and her ear as she flipped through files on her tablet.

“Yes, it’s all been sorted, Katherine. Everything is a go for tomorrow.” She sighed. “All right. See you in the morning.”

Kendra handed her a bottled water. “It looks like you could use one of these.”

Julia took it, twisted the top open with a crack and took a long swig. “Thanks.”

“Thank you for dealing with that man earlier.” Kendra gave her a half-smile. “I should get back to the desk.”

“Desiree can handle that for the moment.” Julia took another sip. “Don’t let people like that man earlier get you frazzled. You held your own for a while there, which was good. But if you’re faced with something that makes you uncomfortable, pass it on to someone else. Just do it discreetly and with a smile—always with a smile.”

“I’m not used to that type of demand. He just caught me off guard.”

Julia smiled understandingly. “You’ll get the hang of it. Quickly,” she added.

Kendra certainly hoped so. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but am I right in thinking that Ms. Murray will be in for tomorrow night’s festivities?”

Julia rolled her beautiful brown eyes. “Yes. I guess we should be happy that she hasn’t been here since the moment the auction was announced. It’s such a big deal I never thought she would leave it to me to handle.”

It was a huge undertaking. “I guess she has faith in you.”

“More like she can’t be everywhere at once.” Julia finished off the water and put the bottle in the recycling bin. “But we’ll be graced with her presence in the morning while she makes sure everything is up to standard.”

Wouldn’t that be fun? “I’ll get back to the desk now.”

Julia nodded as she answered another call.

Kendra was so glad she didn’t have to deal with what Julia had to. She’d never been so pleased that she was just a receptionist.

As she walked back out, there was an ear-piercing shriek.

“Kiki Bryant!”

Kendra blinked as an over-bleached and overly tan woman teetered on her heels toward her. “Sorry, I’m not Kiki. My name is Kendra. I’m a receptionist here at the hotel. She should be here in the morning, however.”

“Well, that’s a disappointment.” The blonde scowled. “You look just like her. Though, I would expect the real Kiki Bryant to be dressed a little better.” She gave her a once-over and cocked her head critically.

Kendra fought to keep the smile on her face. Her clothes might be functional, but they were among the finest things she’d ever owned. Not that she owned that many clothes.

“I’m sure Ms. Bryant will dazzle you with her style tomorrow night at the auction.”


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Blurring the lines between reality and fiction: RJ edition

I hope you guys enjoyed my guest post with F dot Leonora about the ways in which Meg and I are similar and different. Today, Malin James is hosting the counter-part to that post–all the ways in which my husband and RJ are similar and different.


I’ll give you a sneak peek of a similarity

They both have curly hair. When my husband’s hair is freshly washed and he hasn’t messed it up over the course of his day, it curls into these perfect ringlets I’m a little heartbroken neither of our daughters inherited.

Discover all the ways I blurred the lines at Malin’s blog, and enter her contest to win a copy of Capturing the Moment by leaving a comment telling me who your fictional crush is.

Blurring the Lines between Fiction and Reality


One of the most common questions that writers get is “How much do you resemble your characters?”

I’m over at F dot Leonora’s blog today to answer that question. How much do Meg and I have in common? Check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment on Leonora’s blog for a chance to win a free copy of Capturing the Moment.


Ways in which Meg and I are similar

  1. Meg is a teacher, and I also used to teach sixth grade math. There’s an anecdote that Meg shares during breakfast that I lifted from my own experiences.
  2. Meg is a photographer, and I’m a photographer. Almost every photo that Meg takes can be found on my hard drive. The photo above the excerpt is one of mine, and you can see how I worked it into the story. Alas, I did not have a naked photoshoot in Preah Khan—those are fictional photos.
  3. Meg is really frightened of being hurt, emotionally, again. When I first began dating my husband of ten years, I told him I wanted to be “just friends” after our first date because I was so frightened of being that vulnerable again.


Stop by Leonora’s blog to see the rest of the post!

I’m at Delilah Devlin today–writing POC characters

Although I titled the article “Writing Interracial Couples,” and do touch on why I write them (I’m one half of one), most of my article today is about my experience as a white author who writes non-white characters and the steps I take to try to create the best characters I can.


As a white woman, my representations of non-white characters are always going to be flawed. Despite being part of my husband’s family for a decade, a mother to two multiracial children, and a friend of persons of color, I have no live experience to inform my writing. I need to be very careful in my choices when writing non-white characters.

When writing Arjun, my male lead in Capturing the Moment, I made a deliberate choice to make him Indian-American. The experience of being Indian-American is very different than that of a person growing up in India (which is not to imply that there is a monolithic experience of growing up in India). Friends and family members have a wide variety of experience as to whether or not they speak any of the twenty-three official languages of India, eat Indian food, watch Bollywood films, like Indian clothes, and so forth. Arjun has an Indian first name and an Americanized nickname. He speak Punjabi. He has strong ties to his family, which is very important culturally. That said, by virtue of growing up in the US he has the same cultural touchstones as Meg, myself, my husband and friends, and so forth. In other words, I had more wiggle room to create an authentic character.

My beta reading team also includes several Indian Americans, and my primary beta reader is my husband. Whether on this story or others, they have helped me improve with each piece. A beta sent me an article  discussing why using food words like “chocolate-colored eyes” can be seen as offensive, and I have tried to ensure that I no longer do that (or fix it in edits). I once had a character speak in Hindi, and it was just awkward. In retrospect, a friend was right, and I was doing it to make them seem more “Indian.” They aren’t afraid to call me out and educate me, and I don’t give them white tears over it, although I have to sometimes make difficult choices because they have different opinions (for example, my husband has no issue with the food allegories, but I still chose to omit them). I even asked a friend to look over this blog post!


Read the rest, including my suggestions for authors of color you should be reading here. Don’t forget to leave a comment recommending your favorite authors of color!

**apologies in advance. There was something of a miscommunication regarding links, so the post is a bit ugly and missing embedded links.

Release Day!

Today is the day!

Capturing the Moment is now available everywhere!

Even better, I’ve received my first review!

Yes, I felt like that many exclamation marks were needed.



To celebrate my general release, I’m guest posting at Tamsin Flower’s blog. Tamsin is not just a good friend, but was also one of my two beta readers for the book. I hope you read my interview with Meg, because today I’m interviewing RJ.

Delilah Night: What made you fall in love with Meg?

RJ : My friend Rachel introduced me to her sister, Megan. I used to be a player, but all that changed. Meg was an education major, and her eyes glowed with passion when she talked about how she wanted to help kids love learning. We were studying in the library one day, and I offered to help her find a book. We ended up making out in the stacks, and I was hooked. Her brains, her sense of humor, and our sexual connection ruined me for every other woman.

DN: Sounds intense. What happened?

RJ: It’s a long story. The short version is that we were together, we got engaged, and then we broke up. We were both to blame, and honestly,  I was kind of a jerk. We’re going to need to deal with our past to have a shot at moving forward. Unfortunately, once Meg agreed to spend the day with me in Siem Reap, Cambodia, one of her first rules was that she wouldn’t talk about our past. She wouldn’t even let me apologize for the ways I fucked things up.

DN: Yes, well, you weren’t exactly invited to join Meg on her vacation in Siem Reap.

Check out Superotica to read the rest of the interview, check out an exclusive excerpt, and enter a contest to get a free copy of Capturing the Moment.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 12.48.57 AM

I’ve also received my very first book review!  Here’s part of Devi’s review over on Crushblush.

The pain of a broken heart is not fun, but sometimes the timing just isn’t right for two people to be together. In this case, time apart had a beneficial effect, and everyone but Meg realizes it.

Now, let’s talk sex.

Wow. The heat and chemistry between Meg and RJ sizzles.

I usually prefer a bit more kink in my erotica, a bit of spanking, dominance, and dirty talk. Given that the story takes place over the course of less than 24 hours, though, it’s a bit much to expect an author to reconnect ex-lovers, have them explore a bunch of ruins, fit in three meals, have sex, AND get kinky.

Having said that, there’s this one time RJ spanks Meg… And then there’s this amazing outdoor sexperience… And then there’s this sensual massage…

Ah, who am I kidding? While it didn’t venture too far outside vanilla, this couple sizzles together. And Ms. Night clearly understands photography and setting the scene (in more ways than one), plus she’s done her homework on the art, history, and culture of Siem Reap. The book can be read in a couple of hours, but Meg and RJ’s relationship will stick with you.

Now, we just need a sequel about what happens on the 8 hour plane ride…

read the rest of her review at CrushBlush (buy links below)



You never forget your first love…

Meg and RJ were passionately in love. But that was six years and a broken engagement ago.

Meg has only one day in Siem Reap, Cambodia, before she must leave for her sister’s wedding in Bali. She fulfills her dream of taking a photograph of the sun rising behind Angkor Wat, one of the oldest temples in the world. But her joy is short-lived when she turns around to see RJ standing behind her.

RJ threw himself into work after Meg ended their relationship. He’s built a successful business, but it’s a hollow victory. He’s come to Siem Reap to win back the woman he’s never stopped loving. But first he has to convince her to spend the day with him.

Meg is as physically attracted to RJ as she ever was. Maybe the secret to finally getting over him is a one day only, no strings attached fling.

Can RJ win Meg back, or will she love him and leave him?


As of today, Capturing the Moment is on sale everywhere!

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