An Interview with Judy Jarvie

Hi all! While I’m in the hospital, please enjoy my interview with Judy Jarvie. She’s dishing with us about the first book in her Sassy with Sir series–Scoring with Sir, just in time for you to read it before book #2 comes out later this summer. I’ve added both to my summer reading list!


 1–Hi Judy! Tell  us a little about you. 

I’m a stay at home mum to two girls and I live in Scotland. I’ve been writing as a serious hobby for well over a decade now though it’s only recently I’ve moved to writing HOT Romantic Comedy proper and Scoring With Sir is my first novel published by Totally Bound. Prior to that I was published in contemporary romance but my funny bone could stay quiet no longer. In 2013 I stopped writing for two years after receiving a shock cancer diagnosis – it’s changed my life but in good ways. I’m now consciously so grateful for my health, for every day, for great friends and family and for every word count I can muster! Oh and writing books that make people laugh are a bonus to the above.

 2–Tell us about your writing journey

I joined the RNA (the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association) in 2003 and started writing my first full manuscripts. It was a huge learning curve. Eventually I had six novels published by small presses and in print in the UK. It’s only recently that I’ve turned my hand to humor and I’m loving the hilarious twists of the journey. Now that I’ve turned to rom com I don’t think I’ll ever look back. Especially since thanks to Totally Bound I can combine it with hot love scenes. Now that’s job satisfaction.

 3–Who has influenced you?

Great question. I’m a huge fan of JD Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Harlequin writer Anne McAllister creates heroes that have made me fall deeply in love with them for years. In fact I tried to write for Harlequin for many years. I’m a new fan of Emma Chase who blows me away with her jaw dropper heroes. I love TV comedy – Brooklyn Nine Nine being my current must-see and I never miss Game of Thrones. I rely heavily on music to help me ramp the wordcount with playlists for every book though my music taste is eclectic to say the least. Disco features largely.

  4—Where  do you usually write, and what’s your ideal writing space?

I usually write at a small desk in the spare room or on the lounge sofa. But I’m lucky enough to have a den in the garden that I can creep off to though it’s chairs are so comfy I tend to fall asleep (hence the spare room and sofa preference!) I’m a big fan of peaceful gardens so my ultimate writing sanctuary would be a lodge in a deep forest with a serene lake (though that kinda sounds like a slasher movie waiting to happen so maybe that’s best just as a dream!)

5–Tell us about your current book


Scoring With Sir – Sassy With Sir Series #1

A teacher with secrets meets her strict Sir match. Izzy earns hot bedroom lessons but scoring as Sir’s mistress brings red cards and penalties.

Teacher and football fan turned secret erotica author Izzy Tennant needs full-on steam scenes and real-life experience for her debut novel. Ex-premier league footballer now PE head Will Darby has the moves but his sports pedigree causes friction. Their sass threatens a lust volcano or an ugly fistfight. The sensual tension builds to an inferno when they re-enact erotica scenes at his player mansion.

Scoring items on her X-rated kink list provides Izzy with bestseller spice. But how will her Penalty Master take the revelation that he’s just research? And how will Izzy handle the news that Will’s keeping secrets of his own? Falling for her sex mentor and craving his extreme play wasn’t part of the bonk-buster plan. Nor was reliving past hurts in action replay.

Scoring with Sir is a contemporary romantic erotic comedy with a Glee setting, a Dom/sub secret, a football crazy heroine and an A-list football star hero. Banter and bedroom action guaranteed and fantasies scored in memorable style.

6–What’s your next writing project(s)?

My next book will be out from Totally Bound for pre-order mid August. It’s the Sassy With Sir Series Book #2 titled Spying With Sir. I’m still a bit in love with it and I hope to do a cover reveal soon! The cover is drool-worthy but I’m keeping it under wraps.



Will has his hand braced on the side of the car boot—I notice long fingers, a brief sensual note my brain bites onto like a rabid vampire. His lemony body wash isn’t half bad either.

He’s staring at my card wallet now. My credit card holder is Arsenal F C embellished—a gift from last birthday. Then my Filofax—it’s covered in player pic stickers. They’re my hot squad heroes of legend; Thierry Henry, Freddie Lundberg and Robert Pires.

Will gently puts his hand to the back of his head. “You need major detox. Ever consider a makeover at the taste academy?”

I put one hand on hip—provocative and petulant in response. “I’m considered a gourmand with a Fellowship.”

My keys appear in the midst of the mess from my bag. They are on their Arsenal cannon key ring. Will picks them up using the end of a pen he’s taken from his pocket. As if he’s found a missing finger in the woods and he’s retrieving it with a stick.

“There you are. Bad keys. You made mummy worried,” I say with droll sarcastic voice fully employed.

Will’s answer weighs heavy for his soft tone. “You need a bag organizer. Or a change of teams.”

I bite my lip. “Only an ex-Tottenham player could specialize in organizing handbags.”

Will straightens to his full six and almost half feet. Wow, he’s big. His wave of offended testosterone nearly causes my wipeout. He pulls out a pair of sports wraparound sunspecs and dons them.

“Fighting talk.” He’s close—his voice a threat-coated challenge.

“You set your stall out with the top league, you play hard rules,” I bluster but inside my heart is revving and my nerves are jiving under his watchful scrutiny.

Will’s bristling so much he could have his own broom factory. “I don’t know about handbags. But you’ve backed the losing side.”

“Nice specs, Mr. Shady. But you’re going home in an Arsenal ambulance.” It’s a famous line—sometimes the old chants are the best.

Will picks up my Arsenal baseball cap. Then my Arsenal sunglasses. The miniature picture of Tony Adams is, I believe, my coup de grâce. He shoves them into my bag as I’m piling the other paraphernalia back. Thank God I hadn’t got my Gunners spare knickers there but I used them recently as a white board duster. I turn and flip my hair—what else would Beyoncé do? The hair thing and a pivot always win.

“You’re something, Izzy the English teacher.” Will raises the shades and watches me. He inspects the name on my staff pass that he’s pinched and kept in his hand without me noticing.

“Give that back.”

“It’s been illuminating.” He returns it.

My inner rampaging football hooligan is still AWOL. “The pleasure’s yours.”

I watch him ascend into his pimp wagon and start the engine. He rolls down his window and starts a loud bass anthem. I walk to my rusty but trusty car and click the key fob. I’ve scored a small Arsenal goal for womankind by proving myself immune.

But Will purposefully curb crawls past with an inch to spare. His tone changes to turbo charged. “Consider this a warning. In future, you’ll call me Sir. Unless you pull your Arsenal socks up.”

His tiger smile flashes as he passes.

He got the last word. But next time, vengeance will be mine.

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