Blurring the Lines between Fiction and Reality


One of the most common questions that writers get is “How much do you resemble your characters?”

I’m over at F dot Leonora’s blog today to answer that question. How much do Meg and I have in common? Check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment on Leonora’s blog for a chance to win a free copy of Capturing the Moment.


Ways in which Meg and I are similar

  1. Meg is a teacher, and I also used to teach sixth grade math. There’s an anecdote that Meg shares during breakfast that I lifted from my own experiences.
  2. Meg is a photographer, and I’m a photographer. Almost every photo that Meg takes can be found on my hard drive. The photo above the excerpt is one of mine, and you can see how I worked it into the story. Alas, I did not have a naked photoshoot in Preah Khan—those are fictional photos.
  3. Meg is really frightened of being hurt, emotionally, again. When I first began dating my husband of ten years, I told him I wanted to be “just friends” after our first date because I was so frightened of being that vulnerable again.


Stop by Leonora’s blog to see the rest of the post!

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  1. Delilah, you happy to be your friend and host!!!

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