Baby Girl has arrived

Arriving 5 weeks ahead of schedule, the new baby has arrived.

I had a c-section after pre-eclampsia set in, and my blood pressure proved too high for a vaginal induction to be safe.  Not the birth I had wanted or hoped for, but considering it resulted in a healthy mom and a healthy baby, I can accept that life is what happens when you make other plans.

Breastfeeding has begun and is going well, unlike my experiences with the LM.

Some upcoming topics on Delilah Night

  • Post birth sexuality prior to being cleared for intercourse
  • When your breasts become public property
  • The Madison Young breastfeeding photo brouhaha and how my new position as a breastfeeding mom is affecting my opinion
  • The differences between a C section and Vaginal birth and how each can affect post-birth sexuality

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