Recently I learned that Irresistible has an audiobook. I have not purchased it, but I’m curious.

While at WorldCon, I attended a panel on audiobooks. I’ve never created one, although I’ve certainly considered recording myself reading the first chapter of Capturing the Moment. I learned how expensive they are to create, how complicated they are to make, and why you shouldn’t just give away your audiobook rights when negotiating your contract.

I’ve grown to love audiobooks and I currently have two going in the car. The first is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas with my older daughter, Athena. I want to take her to the movie in October and I think she can handle the book, even though it is intense. The narrator does a great job at reading the story, and I nearly started crying when she narrrates the scene where Khalil is shot. (Not a spoiler–it’s in the flap copy and is the incident that puts the book in motion). The second is Discount Ragnarok by Seanan McGuire, which I am enjoying a bit less because I don’t love the narrators choices (including mispronouncing Aeslin mice, based on the cannon pronunciation guide per Seanan). David Sedaris is a great narrator, and that’s how I super recently fell in love with him–not through his written essays, but by listening to him narrate them on the drive from San Francisco to LA. Ditto David Rakoff (RIP), who I have loved for years. I’ve listened to What Happened by Hillary Clinton on and off, but thinking about the 2016 election (and how she was right) is still tough for me.

But then there are terrible narrators. I love Madeline L’Engle, but she shouldn’t have narrated A Wrinkle in Time. There has also been several dreadful audiobooks of The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. If the narrator is crap, the experience of listening to it is crap.

To revisit the question of the Irresistible audiobook–should I get it?

Writing and Monkeys

Today I’m over at Lynn Townsend’s blog, talking about writing, Among the Stars, and monkeys.  Head over to Paid by the Weird to read my interview.

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Seen in New Zealand

I wandered into a awesome sex toy store in New Zealand and saw Irresistible (the first book I was published in) sitting on the shelf.  Hooray!

Excerpt: Renewal (Irresistible edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel)

Last Valentine’s Day, Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel was released.

My story, Renewal, is one of the stories included in that anthology.  Below is an excerpt…

            “I used to feel lust when I saw you.  I’d look at your hands and fantasize about them sliding under my skirt at that movie we saw on our third date.  I’d see your dimples and remember all the stuff you talked me into…remember Cabo?  Now it’s like you’re a stranger.  But I’m a stranger, too.  I didn’t recognize myself in a mirror today.  We’re two strangers.”

I desperately needed him to understand what I wanted.

As I’d talked, Super Corporate Guy had fallen away.  Justin had leaned against the wall, hands in his pockets, lips quirking in small smiles at the memories. “Strangers?”  He rolled the word around in his mouth, testing its flavor.


“If you were my wife, I’d tell you that I’d work harder on us.  That I love you.  But you’re a stranger.”  As he circled me, inhaling my perfume, his voice got deeper.

“That’s right.  I’m a stranger.  And you’re here for one reason.”

“You’re the kind of woman who’d bring a stranger to a hotel room for that?” he asked, his hand sliding over my breast, pinching my nipple for emphasis.

That touch sent a long missing ripple through my body.  I hesitated, hoping he’d remember what I love.  The pinch grew harder until I gasped, then changed to a rhythmic back and forth against the erect nub hungry for that exact touch.  My eyes closed with pleasure.  He leaned forward and began to nibble on my neck, his finger still at work on my breast, his other hand sliding down to cup my ass.

“Yes” I hissed with pleasure.


If you’re interested in buying Irresistible, you can find it at these websites…



Why I shouldn’t read my published work

So I was reading Irresistible, which is the anthology my story “Renewal” is published in.

I read it and immediately wanted to edit/revise it.

Anyone else do this?