Review: Heat Wave: Burlington by Lynn Townsend

Heat Wave Burlington

Heat Wave: Burlington is a novella by Lynn Townsend, one of eighteen Heat Wave novella being released by JMS Books over the course of July and August.

Brandon Russo is having another hot, boring day at work. Scott Seay is a photographer on the trail of Champy, the lake monster said to live in Lake Champlain. Their paths intersect when Scott is knocked off his bike and Brandon is the good Samaritan who helps Scott get medical attention. An attraction sparks instantly.

I really enjoyed this fast, sweet read.

Scott (a photographer who has an open mind about things like Champy) and Brandon (working at his aunt’s storage facility) are both very likeable characters. They interact and banter well, and their attraction is believable. Alison (Brandon’s older sister and a nurse) is a great secondary character.

The setting (the storage facility, for the most part) is not one I’ve run into before in erotica, but it works surprisingly well. This is a running theme for me when it comes to Lynn’s stories–another one of my favorites of hers, Holidays Hours (from Coming Together: For the Holidays) takes place in a convenience store. She has the ability to take a unconventional setting and make it the backdrop for a sweet love story.

My only real complaint is that it’s such a short read. I’m greedy, and I like Lynn’s stories, so I always want more.

Pick up your copy on Kindle for 3.99 (also available as an e-book from other e-tailers)

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