Review: Alchemy XII February

Tamsin gives us boiling hot sex when Harry and Olivia’s relationship continues to evolve in this installment of Alchemy XII.

alchemy xii february

In my review of Alchemy XII: January I made a point of talking about how Olivia–a strong independent woman who came of age during third-wave feminism–struggles with submission.  In February, we see this struggle continue internally for Olivia and externally in and out of the bedroom with Harry.

We get a glimpse of Olivia’s life outside of erotica, and learn that Harry knows all about it–her twin, where she works, and more.  Harry even slips into a lecture and raises his hand to tell Professor Olivia Roux that her formula on the board is wrong.  Olivia is furious and points out that what he’s doing could be classified as stalking.  Harry shrugs and hands her an envelope with orders to be ready at midnight and to be dressed like a slut.

Olivia made a rash promise to Raf in the New Year’s Eve chapter (review here), and now she has to keep it–that she will submit to him.  Harry takes her to Master Blasters where Raf is waiting for them in a private room.  We already know that Raf washed out the training program, but we don’t know why.  The scene that follows gives us a hint of what might have gone wrong for Raf when Harry has to intervene.


In the wake of her encounter with Raf, Olivia becomes torn between the ecstasy that pain can bring and her struggle with submission.  Her feminist principles are at war with what Harry has to offer her.

Man as drug. Dependency ensues.

This scares me because Harry isn’t even pretending to be my boyfriend. He’s got three other subs, whom he’s putting through the same training. Does he kiss them? Yes, of course he does. And fuck them? Presumably. These thoughts are making me cranky. I want to talk stuff through with someone. With Harry. But he’s not available to me and, even if he were, he controls where all our conversations go.

Oh, I like the pain but do I want to submit to him? Call my lover “Sir”? Interact from a kneeling position on the floor? Is becoming a sub the only way to fulfill my needs?

Today I don’t want to do this. Not the submission. Perhaps I could find myself a man who’s willing to give me what I need without being kowtowed to in exchange. That’s all. No more training or clubs or sub-bating. I’m going to duck out of the program and find another way.

I’ve made up my mind, so this will be my last diary entry.

Olivia wants to tell Harry that she is quitting in person.  She goes to the building where Alchemy is located, and is told that there is no such place there. The concierge denies knowing who Harry Lomax is.  So Olivia tries to send Harry a letter. It’s sent back “Not known at this address.”

She is fuming by the time a note arrives with her instructions for their February training session.  She doesn’t do any of the things she’s been ordered to, except to get into the car where Harry is waiting.  He distracts her with his particular brand of addictive kisses until they arrive at a small airport where a private jet awaits them.

private jet

I’m not sure I want to continue training with you.”

The words all spilled out in a rush.

Harry laughed. Laughter was the last thing I expected and my temper got the better of me. Without a moment’s thought of the consequences, I slapped him across his left cheek. Hard. Hard enough to show him the depth of my anger.

He put a hand up to his cheek but the smile never left his face.

“Jesus, I adore you, Liv,” he said. “Come on the plane and if you can convince me you want to leave, I’ll have pilot come back here straight away. But if I can convince you to stay, we’ll carry on and you’ll take your punishment for that slap.”

Will Olivia quit Alchemy or can Harry convince her to stay?  You’ll have to read Alchemy XII February to find out.


Alchemy XII is a serial written by Tamsin Flowers. Each chapter will release on the first day of the month.  February is available for pre-order on Amazon, or you can subscribe from Tamsin directly.

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  1. Thank you so much – you’re a star. I like this review so much it makes me want to read the book! 😉

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