NEW BOOK–Glitter:Real Stories from Real Women about Sexual Desire

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I’m so proud to be associated with this book.  If you are/were a fan of The Vagina Monologues, you will love Glitter.  It’s a compilation of true stories about sex and sexuality.  There are women from all walks of life.  The stories include overcoming sexual abuse, still being a virgin, hiring a call girl, coming out and so many others.

Mona asked us to check out the pdf to ensure that our stories didn’t have any typos and the next thing I knew I’d read every story in the collection.

My essay is called Invisible Bisexual…here’s a short excerpt

Even though by that point I had gay friends and had divorced myself of the prejudices of my upbringing, I just couldn’t wrap my head around my own sexuality.  Had I been attracted solely to women, I could have understood that.  Wanting both men and women made me feel guilty.  Why couldn’t I just pick?

This is the heart of one of the most harmful and common tropes of bisexuality-that we are greedy, slutty fence sitters who are unwilling to limit ourselves to partners of one sex.  I should know how harmful it is—it’s the argument with which I berated myself.

Admitting that I sought counseling from my college’s therapists is somewhat embarrassing.  But I needed to talk to someone, to say things aloud that I’d kept quiet for a long time, and they provided a safe environment.  Within a few months of that make out session, I came out to someone for the first time.  My friends accepted me.  My mom decided it was a phase I’d soon be over, just as I’d gotten over my goth phase, and rolled her eyes.

I have not and will not receive any payment for this book–all proceeds are going to be donated to support women’s reproductive health.

At the moment it’s only available in the US

  • Amazon US-paperback only.  Mona tells me Kindle is coming, but there are formatting issues at the moment.
  • Create Space

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  1. Thank you for the shout out! Glitter is now available on Kindle and on Amazon in as many other countries as I could list it! 🙂

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