Resolution Suggestions for Moms for the New Year

Dear Mothers of the world,

You are sexy.  You may not believe me, but you are.

As we enter 2011, I encourage you to…

  • Pursue an interest, activity, or education that has nothing to do with your child/marriage.  Something that YOU love.  Even if it’s an hour a week, do it for you (If you have to, put the kid in front of the tv for a show and put on headphones so you can focus on your thing…do whatever it takes).
  • Buy yourself something that makes you feel attractive or sexy…it doesn’t have to be lingerie; sometimes something as inexpensive as a hair clip can make us feel attractive, or a new bottle of nail polish.  But if you feel the impulse to go for a vibrator–I highly encourage you!
  • If you have a partner, make an effort to connect with them regularly…if money is an issue, find another mom to trade with once a month (you watch her kids, she watches yours) and have an at-home date.
  • Make an effort to make a regular connection with your sexuality.  Even if it’s just quietly playing “who would I do” when you watch tv or walk down the street, connect with that part of yourself.  I encourage you to enjoy your own body, and to share it with a partner (or partners) you care for (or just lust after).
  • No matter how hard it is for you, talk to your children at an age-appropriate level about sex, sexuality, bodies and safe sex.  It’s never too early or too late to do it.  If you have a teen (or even a pre-teen) and have trouble discussing sex, send them to scarleteen.  If your child is gay or trans, reach out to Pflag and remind them that there’s always support waiting for them at the Trevor Project.


Wishing you all a prosperous and happy 2011.

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