The Second-Time Mom Concerns…

Although my own pregnancy plans have sadly been delayed for two months, following an emergency D&C (a topic for another day), I have recently begun to explore hospitals and meet with OB’s in order to make plans for my upcoming second pregnancy.  In doing so, I’ve learned that being a second-time mom brings with it much different concerns…

When touring a hospital recently, my most pressing question wasn’t “What is your hospital’s C-Section rate?” or “Can my baby stay in the room with me?”

It was “Do you have wi-fi?”

The relatively small tour group (all first time moms and several partners) all looked at me with horrified and puzzled looks.

The thing is, you darling first time moms…the c-section rate at the hospital isn’t nearly as important as your OB/practice’s C section rates.  Unless you’re giving birth in a time warp, yes the hospital will let you have the baby with you (unless there’s a medical reason not to do so) and yes they will support breastfeeding.  The wonderous suites with all the nifty amenities?  You’ll be too exhausted to really notice anything other than whether you’ve got a private room or not.

Now wi-fi…THAT is useful.

My first labor lasted 20 hours.  Twenty.  Sure, I slept some, and there was about an hour of pushing at the end, but there were a great number of hours when all that was happening was my labor progressing.  Forget the scented candles and bring your laptop to the hospital.  We watched “Baby Mama” (because we’re truly twisted individuals) during my labor.  My husband listened to the Dolphins game and bought a new watch on eBay when his broke (which he’ll tell you the second you pay it any attention).  I took notes on my labor to write an accurate blog entry on the experience.

Once the baby was out, I found myself updating my blog and responding to email.  I even set up the e-birth announcement from my hospital room with some recently uploaded pictures.

All of that?  Was when my family and friends were local.

This time my friends and family are 10,000 miles away.  I want, no…NEED access to facebook, twitter, and my blogs just to keep everyone up to date and introduce the bean to everyone.

So the brand new artwork on the walls?  I know I won’t even remember that it existed.

The two-room suite with special meal to celebrate the birth of our child?  Don’t make me laugh–I’ll be breastfeeding, sleeping, or updating facebook.  No matter how pretty the china, it will still be hospital food, and my husband and daughter (if they know what’s good for them) will be bringing me food that’s actually edible, and which will all be things I can eat one-handed.

So you first time moms keep worrying about whether you can get a manicure while you’re pregnant (you can) and working and re-working your “in labor” iTunes mix.  I’ll be over here, chasing my toddler and worrying about how good a Skype connection I’ll be able to get, and how quickly sibling rivalry will set in.

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