Peek at a WIP

Apparently having fearless hair has bled over into my professional life. Or at least the positive mindset that came about because of dyeing my hair. I’m well into the edits for the Siem Reap novella.  Here’s the set up for and a flashback scene from early in Meg and RJ’s relationship while they’re having sex in the present day.

batman mask

“Do you remember the first time you came on my tits?” Meg’s voice was husky.

RJ could barely manage words. “After the costume party. Your first year. You wore a Little Red Riding Hood costume.”


The sexy costume was so different from the quiet Meg he usually knew. He’d felt like the big, bad wolf as he’d fantasized about pushing her into a dark corner and doing all sorts of wicked deeds to her. When they were dancing, she’d rubbed herself against his rod, adding fuel to the fire. The second her bedroom door was shut, she was on her knees, dress pushed down to her waist, eager to free him from the black jeans. She’d sucked him so well, RJ had forgotten that he was still wearing the Batman mask when he started to come. She’d popped off at just the right moment for him to shoot his load all over her breasts.