Recommended Reads-Alisha Rai

I was complaining online how infrequently I get to see couples like my own (my partner is Indian American, I’m white) having sex on the page without it being some horrible colonial tale set in the British Raj. I wanted something contemporary. Someone, though I’ve forgotten who (Sorry!) recommended I pick up Glutton for Pleasure. I did, and and I’ve been an Alisha Rai fan ever since.

glutton for pleasure

Glutton For Punishment features chef Devi Malik and not one, but two sexy twins in the hottest menage love story I’ve ever read. I’m shocked my kindle didn’t melt when I reached the sex scenes. The sex scenes are worth revisiting over and over.

It’s not just sex, though–can Devi find more than just kinky sex with Jace and Marcus? (And what will her family think?) Even without the hot, kinky sex, the story has emotional pull, and kept my interest.

I also devoured the sequel, Serving Pleasure, about Devi’s older sister Rana. Rana is trying to reform her bad girl ways and find the kind of man her mother would want her to marry. But Micah, the painter next door, is too tempting to resist. (Named one of the Top 5 Romances of 2015 by the Washington Post–Congratulations, Alisha!)

The chemistry between Rana and Micah is as intense as a building storm, with a great payoff. Rana’s push-me-pull-you of figuring out if she wants to be who people think she should be versus who she is relate-able for every reader. Micah’s past is complex and that bleeds into their relationship.

I am eagerly awaiting the third book in this trilogy.


hot as hades

I’m a huge Greek Mythology geek (Ms 7’s middle name is Athena), and I am all over innovative approaches to the Greek Gods (Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, Redeeming Cupid by Oleander Plume, P. C. Cast has a series of romances, etc). So when I saw that Alisha had written Hot as Hades, I immediately downloaded it on my kindle app.

I’m going to let Alisha tell you about this one herself

Contemporary fans: my contemp voice is strong and will never die no matter genre. Fantasy fans: It has a three headed dog butler that talks.

My opinion–I was laughing nearly as much as I was rooting for Hades/Persephone. I thought her take was fresh and fun on a love story that has been retold many times. It was a fast, sexy read, and I’d love to see her do more Greek mythology based stories.

gentleman in the street

I’ve read a number of Alisha’s other books, but am still working my way through her backlist.

My next read is  A Gentleman on the Street which features a woman billiionaire. I’m happy to see ladies get some equal screen time with all those male billionaires.

It also must be said that Alisha’s twitter is a must read. Follow her here and hear her riff on pop culture and educate you on why you should stop calling people exotic among other topics. She’s also great at responding to twitter fans.

You can also check out her website here for her complete booklist

Personal note-I reached out to Alisha for advice on my cover for Capturing the Moment and she took the time to respond. She is as nice as she is talented.