I also write a book blog

One of the reasons I post so rarely here is that I have a lot of other hats I wear.  I try to keep this blog specific to those things that might interest people interested in the erotica author side of my personality.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.57.00 PMI write Expat Bostonians, which is about my day to day life as an expat and larger discussions around identity, assimilation into a culture not my own, and raising third culture kids.  This has been my biggest writing project of the past four years–had I not focused on this, I’d probably be on my third or fourth novel by now.  But I love it, and it also serves my friends back home (and others) as a window into my life here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.01.39 PM
A month or so ago I began Be Quiet!  Mommy’s Reading… because I have spent so much effort on reviewing books on goodreads that it felt like a valuable use of my time.  It’s since turned into a really good stress reliever, especially my snarking nostalgia feature (every Monday) where I rip apart books I read as a kid, like The Baby-Sitters Club.  I’m also talking about other book related stuff (Divergent book v movie, When is a spoiler is a spoiler), doing book reviews, and my kids and I are teaming up for children’s book reviews.

If either of these sound interesting to you, please go and follow them.  Expat Bostonians also has a facebook page where I post not only links to the blog, but articles of interest and random posts about what have you.  (Worth noting, so does Delilah Night--which sees far more action than this blog).