Reading habits

My children are eight and eleven—which in our house translates to “not really reading on her own” and “won’t stop reading on her own.” In fact, I was my eight year old’s age when I found the book series that was really responsible for turning me into a reader–The Babysitter’s Club.

I remember stumbling across one at a Waldenbooks (remember those?) in my local mall. It was like eight year old crack, and a new book came out every month to feed my addiction. It was perfect to make the shift from reader to READER.

One of my favorite places to read was sitting in a laundry basket. No, I have no idea why.

These days I’m much too big for laundry basket reading. So instead I read

  • In bed (mostly)
  • In the shower (waterproof phone)
  • Waiting for my kids to get out of X
  • Waiting in line

Using ebooks on my phone have given me the freedom to read everywhere.

My eleven year old doesn’t yet have ebooks, but she reads a lot of fanfic, so I mostly see her in her chair or on her bed, head bent over her phone (or in my car).

How about you? Where do you do most of your reading? What sparked your reading habits?

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  1. I loved the Babysitter’s Club so much ❤ I used to devour these books.

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