Two Book Reviews—Touch and Sight by Kait Gamble

I’ll be reviewing both Touch and Sight in this review. Kait gave me a free copy of both books, but I liked them so much I bought them.


Buy Touch here


Published April 2018

Dr. Lily Cole is a Scientist at the Antarctic research station. She’s happy to immerse herself in work, and even though many of the researchers have gone home, she’s still there, devoted to her research. That is until she’s asked to show Kiernan King around the station in hopes of opening his wallet to fund more of their research. Lily is not interested in showing him around, but her boss makes her. But she can’t help but warm to him when Kiernan proves he’s not just another playboy looking to throw some money around. But can a scientist and a philanthropist live happily ever after?

One of the reasons I’m happy to review a Kait Gamble book is that she never lets me down. Her characters are well drawn, her settings are unique and interesting, and the sex is scorching. It’s a great take on the dislike to love trope, and Kait keeps you rooting for her couple. It’s fairly short, so you can burn through it fairly fast, although you’ll want to slow down and prevent the story from ending.


Buy Sight here


Published October 2018

Of the two novellas, Sight is my favorite.

Chloe has moved from London to Paris to make it on her own and to get away from a persistent ex. Worn out from work, she glances across the way to see an erotic encounter between a man and his lover. Mason is living in Paris, and doesn’t want complications. When he sees the woman across the way, he wants her. Together they start a purely voyeuristic relationship without knowing so much as each other’s names. But after a while, the distance is too much to take, and it’s time to take the relationship out of the windows and into real life.

I like the way Kait uses the passage of time to move the story along while still creating compelling characters and some burning hot sex scenes. The transition from voyeur to real life is handled deftly. Chloe and Mason are both well-fleshed out characters with complex inner lives. But I think the thing that sets this book apart from Touch is that secondary plot of Chloe’s ex, Charles. He’s not willing to take no for an answer.

Without giving too much away, I have to encourage everyone to read Sight. It’s H-O-T.


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