Sex Toy Review–The Womanizer

Buy the Womanizer here

I received a Womanizer in exchange for an honest review

The Womanizer is the best sex toy I’ve ever used. I don’t say that lightly—I bought my first vibrator twenty years ago and I’ve gone through plenty of styles, materials, shapes, and permutations. I kept going back to a specific toy, over and over—my silver bullet vibe. So it’s a big deal when I say I haven’t touched my silver bullet in almost six months.

For me, the reason the Womanizer is the best vibrator is the way it sucks your clit. Like most women, I climax primarily from clitoral stimulation. The womanizer’s mouth, so to speak, fits over your clit (learning to position it can take a few tries, though) and it both sucks and vibrates. On a low setting it can make you move your body and tantalize you. On a high setting, especially if you skip the lower setting and go straight to high, you can have some of the best orgasms of your life.

If I want to climax fast and hard, I’ll go to a high setting. I can easily have a multiple orgasm in under five minutes. If I want to draw it out, I recommend mixing the speeds…going fast and then slow and then fast again and so on until I can’t take any more.

The price tag is quite high at $219.00, but I would gladly pay it. You don’t pay money for batteries (and silver bullets can burn through a battery really fast) as it charges from a USB port. One charge can last for a month, even with heavy usage! It comes with a carry case, so it can hide in plain sight in your bureau or nightstand drawer. The quality is also extremely high—it won’t break after just a few uses. The longer handle makes it easier to use if you’re plus sized/have a larger stomach. Oh, and it’s waterproof if you want to get up to some dirty fun in your shower or bathtub.

Buy it. You deserve it.

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