Meeting authors

In the past four months I have met three of my favorite authors in person. Without fail all of them have been kind and gracious. Obviously it’s not in the author’s best interest to be a jerk, but not every author chit chats with you for a minute to make you feel valued as one of their readers.

Some people are intimidated by athletes. I wouldn’t know or really care that someone was a professional football player, for example. Others are intimidated by tv/movie stars/musicians and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’d be intimidated as hell to meet Beyoncé or Tom Ellis (Lucifer). But the real people who I idolize and who intimidate me are authors I read. Some actor from Days of Our Lives isn’t going to intimidate me half as much as Mercedes Lackey.

Or Spider Robinson.

If you’ve never read any of Spider Robinson’s work, and you like puns, boy do I have the series to recommend to you. The Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon series (start here) is fun and full of terrible puns. If you liked Piers Anthony’s Xanth as a kid/teen but it got to a point where the series petered out for you (for me it was a few books after Man from Mundania), then you will probably like Callahan’s. I think that Xanth would be classed as more YA than anything at this point, except for the age of some of the series protagonists, and the fact that the series has been in the adult section for twenty-odd years. Callahan’s is strictly adult, and not just because the owner of Callahan’s wife owns a bordello (and has two books of her own).

I haven’t really read Spider’s other series or his essays, but my partner is a huge fan. More of a Robinson fan than I am, in general, and had he been able to go to Worldcon he would’ve been even more in awe than I was.

When Spider was signing my husband’s book (it seemed only fair to get it signed for him since he couldn’t be there), he also let me take a video where he said hi to my partner. He didn’t have to do that. It’s wonderful and incredibly kind that he did.

In short, thank you authors for being awesome.

Should I ever be so lucky as to have a bookstore want me to do signings, I will endeavor to emulate your good example.

And for the record, no matter how many books I publish or if you’d consider yourself my fan–never be intimidated by me. I’m just a nerdy mom who should probably get more sleep.

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