Almost Normal

I got out of the hospital twelve (?) days ago. In that time I’ve begun to navigate the hallway from my bedroom to our living room without a cane. I have brief moments (usually when the painkillers are at their peak) of almost normal.

finding dory

I haven’t been in good enough health to go to a movie since Deadpool. While this apparently saved me from one of the worst superhero movies, ever *cough*BatmanVsSuperman*cough* it has  also kept me from seeing Captain America: Civil War and the new X-men movie.

I am a huge fan of Disney and Pixar. I loved Finding Nemo. I saw in in a movie theater by myself in New York long before I had children. There was no way I was missing out on Finding Dory. Plus I guess my kids might like it, too.

(Digression–the pediatric dentist my girls have seen for the past six years was Australian and could have been a voice double for the dentist in Finding Nemo. I found this hilarious every visit. I’m so sad he retired.)

This past Saturday, in an act of hubris, I decided we were going to the movies. I was in my wheelchair, and things were great until I picked our seats. If I could handle the walk to the living room without a cane, I could surely make it to our usual front seats with my cane, right? Yeah, no. It sucked going down (that’s what she said), but trying to climb the stairs back to my wheelchair felt like ascending Everest.

I spent the next twenty-four hours flat on my back, counting the minutes until my next painkiller.

mbs destroyed ID42

Here’s the thing. I don’t think I’ve quite learned my lesson because I need to see Singapore’s skyline get destroyed in Independence Day: Resurgence. I think I’ll just use the wheelchair seating at the back, or sit near the back.

I need normalcy. I don’t know how well these surgeries will work. But I can’t just sit in my house and give up before I’ve even begun. Figuring out how to have a life, to carpe lucidity—to seize the moment and get work done in my window of lucidity each day, despite my health issues is  some of the best medicine for my soul.

PS-Finding Dory is charming–A.  Stay through the credits for a great post-credits scene.

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  1. Pity you missed ‘Captain America: Civil War’: such a great movie.

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