Hi all

Thank you for the many well-wishes during my ten-day hospital stay following my back surgery. I won’t really know if it actually worked for four to six weeks, during which I am wearing a support garment around my middle, and walking with a cane. Sexy. Super Super Sexy. Don’t all Agaproposition me at once.

I am still on a number of narcotic painkillers and other medication which make me muddled and sleepy. I’m having a hard time concentrating enough to write this post (and for all that I know, it may come out garbled). Please be patient with me, and I’ll make my return to blogging sometime this week.

In my (short) periods of lucidity, I read through my first draft of Plunder and added comments. Given how drugged I was (am) I didn’t trust myself to actually try to edit the novel, but I think I do at least have a sense of what needs to be done to improve it.

Again, thank you for all your support during a difficult period.

much love


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