Wicked Wednesday–Aspirations

Becoming a published author has been a life-long aspiration of mine, and I have several stories that prove it.

For example, here is my story “Bee Queen” from my third grade book, Animal Fairy Tales.


Bee Queen

by Delilah (age 8)

The bee queen was very upset. She cried ever since the bears had found their honey tree. My children are dying. They’ve nothing to eat for weeks. I’m going to go sting those bear good and proper and so will all the bumblebees, hornets, honeybees and yellow jackets.


We still teach them a lesson. As soon as Captain Stinger is ready, we’ll take care of those bears. And they did just that!

But my third grade magnum opus was “The Last Unicorn,” which I previously published. Read parts 1 and 2 if you want a good laugh.

wp-1453292076597.jpgThirty years later, Totally Bound published my first book, Capturing the Moment.

Does that mean all my aspirations have been fulfilled? Nope. Next up is a full length novel, and seeing my book in a bookstore, and not just on Amazon. Dreams and aspirations are what keep us moving forward.

Click below for more stories of aspirations.

wicked wednesday

7 Responses

  1. Oh, ‘Bee Queen’ is charming! ❤

  2. These are some fabulous memories. I wish I hadn’t lost so much of my childhood things. The only thing I still have writing-related is the first ‘novel’ I wrote when I was 14.

    Rebel xox

    • I haven’t been able to find my Mercedes Lackey Fanfiction or my high school Christopher Pike rip-off called “The Curse of the Silver Teddy Bear Necklace.”

      Our kids are so lucky that we can preserve all those projects digitally.

  3. Yay for dreams come true! And I love how you’ve shared your stories from when you were little

    • I get a kick out of looking at them, especially as my older daughter, Ms. 7, is a year younger than I was when I wrote them. It’s fascinating how similar (and dissimilar we are).

  4. that is great you finally got to get your work published. I know the road and struggle all to well. Well done and keep writing

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