Social Media and the Writing Community

why I write

When I was a little girl dreaming of being a writer, all I ever pictured was sitting at a computer and seeing my book in a store. I doubt it was ever that straightforward, but the advent of social media has dramatically changed the reader/writer relationship. Personally, I maintain this blog, a Twitter feed (where I talk about my various tv show addictions as well as writing), a goodreads page, and a facebook page to interact with my readers.

Six years ago this week my family moved to Singapore. Living ten thousand miles from my friends and family back in Boston has made me more reliant on social media than I was before the move. It seems totally natural to me to look to Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the lives of my loved ones and to use them to keep in touch. There are a number of people from home whom I’m no longer in close contact with because they don’t use Facebook.



Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are where I’ve found my writing community.

Twitter is where I made friends with Tamsin Flowers and Lynn Townsend, and Malin James among others. Tamsin, Lynn, and Malin are special cases because our friendship has transcended Twitter to personal friendship. I beta for Lynn and Tamsin, and they for me. Tamsin and I have skyped.  When I was so sick last year, Alison Tyler sent me a scarf she’d knitted. Were I near them geographically, I have no doubt that we would hang out.

Without social media, I wouldn’t be friends with Oleander Plume, F dot Leonora, Jade A. Water, and so many other lovely people who make the internet a warmer, friendlier place to be.

So while I often spend time on social media that I could use to write, I don’t have any regret. (Except when I’m doing it purely as a method of procrastination.)

If you are a reader or writer–reach out. We’re here to make those connections. Alisha Rai responded to my email with really helpful advice about book covers. If it weren’t for social media, I wouldn’t have met most of my friends in Singapore. I’m so happy to receive tweets, comments, and emails from readers wanting to connect. So reach out!

Whether you’re a reader or a writer, or just want to argue over nerdy thing with me or ask me questions about Singapore and chewing gum, I’m here.

4 Responses

  1. I’m so delighted we ran into each other on twitter – you really are such a good friend now! xoxoxoxox

  2. There I was, reading this lovely post and came across my name – what a wonderful surprise! I am thrilled we met and became friends via Twitter. It’s amazing – geographically speaking, we are so far apart, but on social media, we’re neighbors. What a beautiful thing!


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