Curvy Girl Lingerie (With a Discount Code and a GIVEAWAY)

I met today’s guest poster on Facebook a few years ago when I first heard of Curvy Girl Lingerie. While my size pre- and post-kids (and throughout my health struggles these past few years) has yo-yo’d, I’ve always been a size 16+. Today, despite more than half of all women being above a size 12/14, fewer and fewer stores carry lingerie for us. On my last few trips to the States, I’ve checked out lingerie everywhere from K-mart to Torrid to various sex shops with very uneven, and often poor quality results. Which is why I return time and time again to Curvy Girl.

When I was ready to place an order, I reached out to Chrystal. We talked about my body shape and what parts of my body I’m more sensitive about. I told her which items I was interested in.  She actually told me not to buy some items because they wouldn’t make me happy, and what sizes to order other things in. Between the top notch customer service (including replacing a lost order), and the high quality products, I am a Curvy Girl fan who puts my money where my mouth is. They are my first choice when it comes to buying lingerie.

I am lucky to count Chrystal as a friend, not just a contact at a website. She’s going to tell you about Curvy Girl, and then I’ll be back to tell you about today’s discount code and my giveaway.

curvy girl logo

I opened Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose a little over 3 years ago in October, 2012.

I had a dream of having a place to shop for sexy clothes for my fat body since I was around 20 years old, when I had a partner who embraced my size. That was 27 years ago!

I remember going to a local lingerie store here in 1988-1989. I would drool over and pine for all of the dainty baby dolls and stockings that would never fit me.  I even tried buying two of one very inexpensive item sand I tried hobbling the two items together to try and get them to fit. (And, I should I mention that I do not sew.) Talk about depressing and demoralizing!

Fast forward to 2016! We are a little bit more than 3 years old and we just had to expand to a new, larger location. I adore our local Curvy Girl community. We get customers traveling to our store from all over the world!  We’ve had couples travel to my boutique from Newfoundland, Singapore, London, Vancouver, and Sydney just to name a few. We have several sets of customers that are long-haul truckers and they plan us into their route when they have a California assignment. We have become a “destination.”  Talk about amazing!

curvy GirlPicture of my most recent Curvy Girl Order.

On the bottom right is The Boyfriend Shirt (which is a go-to piece of lingerie for me–Delilah)

We do suggest that our customers who are not local give us a call (408-264-4227  add a +1 for international calls) so we can help them to get the exact right fit the first time. At Curvy Girl, we deal in humans and we see the lingerie on actual women and we know a thing or two about sizing and fit. (We do our best to put what we know about an item in the description of our products, too.)  If you can’t call us  because you’re in a different time zone, you can always email us at

At Curvy Girl, out motto is “Sexy is for Every Body.”  There is so much pleasure to be had in all of our bodies. I want us all to experience every ounce of it and to NEVER EVER apologize for our bodies or how much space you take up. We all get to enjoy our bodies exactly as they exist right now and never ever settle for ugly underwear, bad sexy or crappy partners.

 If you would like to know more about Curvy Girl, you can shop us,  read my blog, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


Okay, my lovelies–here’s where things get fun.  Curvy Girl is offering my readers a discount code, delilahnight,  good for 15% off your order.

Items I own and love include the one-shoulder mesh dress (it’s soft and not itchy!), the boyfriend shirt (as pictured above), the fishnet kixies thigh high stockings (they don’t slide), and the black strapless lace dress. The stock is always evolving and items are not on the page if they’re out of stock (I really love my blue nightie in the pic above but the item isn’t on their page anymore.)

If you order using my code between now and Feb 15 (Singapore time-which covers Vday around the world as we’re ahead of most of you), leave a comment. I will pick a winner (two if there are more than ten entries, or a maximum of three if there are more than 25) on Feb 16 in Singapore and reach out privately so I can verify your purchase via screenshot. Do not leave your email or a screenshot in the body of the comment. (I can see the email you entered to leave the comment in my wordpress dashboard) The discount code has no expiration, just the contest.


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.19.55 AM
The prize: either an e-book of Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples (which includes my story, “Renewal”) edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel or Chemical [se]X (wish I only wish I were part of, but is one of my favorite anthologies–see my review here) edited by Oleander Plume. If you need a completely queer friendly anthology, just let me know–I’m all about getting you something you’ll enjoy.
Chemical [se]x

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