2015 year in review


Let’s get it out of the way–2015 sucked. I was critically ill and the fallout from that derailed a lot of my year. I finished 2016 with a full spine MRI and have already scheduled a procedure for late January 2016.

However, it wasn’t all bad, so let’s talk positives.

I wrote a novella and it was accepted for publication by Totally Bound!

This is my first solo publication and the biggest positive of 2015 apart from the not dying thing. I began Meg and RJ’s story in January. Thanks to many beta readers, but especially Tamsin Flowers and Lynn Townsend, I was able to finish it in late summer. I was absolutely floored and dancing around the apartment when I received my acceptance. I’m eagerly awaiting the edits and cover reveal. The anticipated release is March 29 for Totally Bound and April 29 elsewhere. I’ll certainly keep you updated.

Other stuff I wrote

  • A Reindeer by Any Other Name was published in Strange Shifters, edited by Lynn Townsend.
  • Dumped is a non-erotica story about what happens to a Virgin after she’s dumped by her (jerk) unicorn, which will be published as part of Intrepid Horizons , edited by Jessica Augustsson.(coming in 2016)
  • I have begun writing a full length version of Plunder (see below)
  • I expanded Baby it’s Hot Outside, but it was rejected. (nbd, #writerlife)

Other Publication News from 2015

  • Plunder (the short story)has been accepted by Delilah Devlin and will appear in her upcoming anthology Rogue Hearts
  • Due to an anthology’s cancellation, I was able to publish The Finer Things in Life first as part of Tamsin Flower’s Erotica Advent Calendar, and then as part of Coming Together: Keeping Warm


princess bride 2

How do I think 2015 went?

Realistically, 2015 probably went well as it possibly could have due to health issues and the delays of daily life (I have two young children). I certainly wish I could have met my goals for 2015 (10 short stories and a first full draft of the ghost novel) but overall the fact that I am writing again and will soon have a novella published by Totally Bound means 2015 wasn’t a bust after all.


Goals for 2016

  • A novella or novel length version of Plunder
  • Write 5-10 short stories

I’ve accepted that, at this point, the Ghost novel needs to go haunt my “not in production” file. Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about this story for over a decade, or because I’ve tried to write it a million times, but now is not the right time to work on it.

3 Responses

  1. I’m expecting great things of you in 2016, Delilah! 🙂

  2. sounds pretty accomplished to me, well done!!!

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