Free Story–The Finer Things in Life

If you read my blog regularly or follow me on twitter, you know that Tamsin Flowers is one of my favorite authors and a dear friend. I’ve enjoyed her Erotica Advent Calendars for the past several years running.

This year her plan was a little different–rather than post a snippet or scene, as she’s done in the past, why not post a complete story each day? Today my story “The Finer Things in Life” has the honor of being the featured story.

Isn't the image Tamsin found HOT?

Isn’t the image Tamsin found HOT?

The Finer Things in Life

Delilah Night

When one’s family and money date back to the Mayflower, one learns the value of presenting a respectable exterior to the world. Which is why I’ve always enjoyed the subversion of those markers of wealth and privilege.

Today’s nod to the libidinous creature beneath my tasteful exterior? A new Rolex with initials inscribed upon the back of it. While my name is Susan, the remainder of my initials are not l, u, and t.

I wonder if the salesgirl blushed when Mark ordered the inscription? Did she contemplate what he might do to her? Was she aroused, as I am, by the hands of a concert pianist? Could she even begin to guess how those hands could play her body as deftly as they played Chopin, or that he enjoys doing both in front of an audience?

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  1. Thank you so much, Delilah, for letting me have such a wonderful story for the advent calendar! xoxoxox

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