A bunch of lovely authors…

lovely blog awardThe very lovely Lace Winter nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award.”  I’m going to accept-and use this opportunity to heed Alison’s call to arms

What if we promoted each other in little surprise ways like this—posting covers, pimping stories, sharing the wealth. Read a book you liked? Put up the cover and a link. Discover an author you think is fabulous—give an unexpected shout out, an unplanned review.–Alison Tyler

I’m going to tell you about 15 authors I love.  If I tag you, carry on the award or not as is right for you 🙂

The rules of the award state that I must thank Lace for nominating me.  Thank you, sweetie.  But more than that, thank you for becoming a friend over the past few months.  I’m so glad to have met you–and hopefully I’ll meet you in person one of these days.

The award also says I need to share 7 things about myself my readers don’t know.  I don’t often talk about my non-writing life here, so I thought that would be fun to do.

about me

1-I suffer from pinterest addiction.  I’ve yet to try something worthy of a Pinterest FAIL blog, but my ambitions almost got the better of me with Ms. 6’s birthday party earlier this month.

IMG_9445Pinterest Success!

2-I don’t speak Mandarin.  However, both of my girls are learning it, so I’ve picked up a few words here and there.  Today when my aircon repair guy was on the phone with my landlord I could make out the words I, you, can’t, this one/that one, and because.  Which is just enough knowledge to make me panic–hearing “can’t” over and over from a repair man when my air conditioning isn’t working and it’s in the 90’s was freaking me out.  Other words in my vocabularly include the words for “I don’t want to,” which my three year old whines ALL THE TIME.

3-For all that I’m an expat and have traveled all over the place now, the truth is that I never flew on an airplane before I was 20 years old.  I was TERRIFIED the first time.  Now it’s old hat.

4-I told my husband I was buying the new Taylor Swift album for Ms. 6’s birthday, but mostly I bought it for me.  He saw right through it.  Kind of the same way he saw through it when I  bought tickets “for her” to Taylor Swift concert earlier this year.

5-I spent my childhood wanting to be Kristy from The Baby-Sitter’s Club book series.

6-If I had a better voice and less stage fright I would love to be a Broadway star.

7-I picked a bad partner the first time I had sex.  He invited me to his room to WATCH ANIME and I was naive enough to think that’s what it meant.  When I realized he had other ideas I decided “eh, why not?” and we had sex.  After it was over, we realize that I’d bled.  My reaction was to sigh because I didn’t have a pad in my purse.  HIS response was to say “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to bleed--I could’ve put a trash bag down or something so you wouldn’t stain my sheets.”  Like I said–I did not pick a good partner.  But I did get a good story out of it, so there’s that?

Now we get to the good stuff–I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite authors.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.54.46 pm

1–My very first story acceptance was from Rachel Kramer Bussel.  She has a new collection of essays out called Sex and Cupcakes.  It’s currently sitting on my Kindle waiting for me to get through this insane week so I can dive in.

2–The next editor to accept my work was Alison Tyler.  If you’ve read my blog you know I LOVE her work.  She has a number of recent releases–including a story in Filthy Housewives, edited by Violet Blue.  My favorite novellas from Alison are Those Girls and Those Boys–Sandy is one of my favorite fictional Doms.

3-I have to say that Sandy is ONE of my favorite fictional Doms because I just got a sneak peek at Tamsin Flowers‘ new project Alchemy xii, and given the chance, I don’t know if I could pick between Alison’s Sandy and Tamsin’s Harry.  I’ll post a review a little closer to the release date.  Tamsin also wrote Zombie Erotoclypse, which contains “Peeping Zom”-which contains the only Paul Revere reference I’ve ever seen in an erotica story.  I have a degree in History, so I think we should all take a page from Tamsin’s book and throw in clever lines like that one.  If you like your zombie erotica aurally, check out Rose Caraway reading “Red Hot Zombie Cock” on the Kiss Me Quick Podcast.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.55.38 pm

4-Speaking of Rose Caraway, have you read The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica?  It’s my current pick for best erotica anthology this year.

5-Pillow Talk is a collaborative effort brought to us by Tamsin Flowers, Malin James and Jade A. Waters.  It’s so great to see a conversation between fellow erotica authors on topics like how their writing has evolved to be more selective about which details to include in a story and which to leave to a reader’s imagination.

6-Malin James‘ blog should be required reading for anyone interested in sex.  Her recent post “Ownership: On Sexuality & Feminine Relations” really resonated with me.

7-Jade A. Waters is a new author to me, but I’m looking forward to reading more of her work, including her story in the upcoming Lynn Townsend anthology Among the Stars.  I really enjoy hearing her opinions in Pillow Talk and on Twitter.

8-Lynn Townsend caught my attention with “Full Frontal Neighbor” in  The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica.  I subsequently read her novel Roll, which I loved.  I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of Blues in early 2015.  Lynn recently edited her first anthology and Among the Stars is going to be so awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.56.34 pm

9-I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Sommer Marsden.  I started reading Sommer’s work because she came so highly recommended by Alison.  I quickly became a huge fan of her clever twist endings.  Her new book is The Mighty Quinn, also on my kindle.  (Have I mentioned how crazy this week is? CRAZY busy).  I also loved her story “The New Girl” in Skirting the Issue  , “Appetizer” in The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica, and I’m looking forward to seeing her story in Coming Together: For the Holidays.

10-Janine Ashbless grabbed my attention with her story “Three Legs in the Evening” in The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica because I’m a Greek Mythology fangirl.  One of my daughter has a middle name pulled from Greek Mythology.  I’m super excited to read her new release Cover Him with Darkness.

11-Delilah Devlin edits some seriously hot anthologies with alpha males.  I  loved her antho Cowboy Lust, .  I’m currently reading Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors .  If you prefer Firemen, she also just released Five Alarm Alphas .

12-I’m a sucker for erotic fairy tales, and Kristina Wright has edited A Princess Bound,  Fairy Tale Lust, and Lustfully Ever After.

13-Lace Winter (who tagged me for this post) is not yet a published author, but I’m certain she will be soon.  She’s been posting excerpts from her WIP, and I can’t wait to read the whole thing.

14-I know Sophia Valenti‘s work from Alison’s anthologies, and her story “A Lesson in Lust” in Skirting the Issue is one of my favorite F/F stories.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.57.34 pm

I’m going to leave  #15 empty—tell me who I should be reading that I haven’t discovered yet.

11 Responses

  1. Hi Delilah, this post has quite literally brought tears to my eyes – wow! Thank you so much for all your kind words about my writing and also about Pillow Talk and my two PT colleagues. I’ve already been tagged in one of these and failed…I am the original breaker-of-the-chain when it comes to chair letters. But given that my upcoming Superotica Advent Calendar has been inspired by Alison Tyler’s Power On post (http://alisontyler.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/power-on.html), then perhaps it can stand instead of a One Lovely Blog Award post.

    I just want to say thank you once again – I’m feeling a little overcome!


  2. Hey there! thank you, this is awesome, and I love seeing me up there with a bunch of my personal heroes… I’ll tag this and maybe work on it later… I ain’t ‘xactly good about passing on chain letters myself.

    — Lynn Townsend

    • No need to chain it on–I’ve been meaning to do something inspired by Alison’s Power On post, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

      I think your Among the Stars tour–promoting a different author each week–is like an extended version of this award/the power on call to arms.

      • Well, that’s partially my own selfish desires; and the fact that I’m so flipping EXCITED about our antho coming out. My very first antho… I’m so proud. And I’m like super honored that people trust me with their stories, it’s weird…

  3. Oh, Delilah! Thank you so much for all the kind words and about Pillow Talk! This was such a sweet post, and a tremendous honor. Wow! I must confess I’m a terrible chain-er, but I am so, so flattered. You also mentioned so many authors I worship and adore, and I just love you’re sharing out about them all. They’re great—and so are you. Thank you again! XX

  4. Oh Delilah, thank you! That was so lovely of you to include me, (and Pillow Talk and Jade and Tamsin), on this list! Like my two wonderful colleagues, I’m a terrible chain-breaker, but I’m incredibly grateful to you for your kind words and the sweet shout out. To be included on a list with 13 other authors that I respect so much is a real honor. For my part, I’m very happy to have found you and your work. Thank you so much again, you lovely, lovely lady! xxx.M

    Ps – I was also a massive fan of the Baby-Sitters Club series too. I wanted to be Stacy 🙂

    • My pleasure! No need to continue the chain–it was just a great excuse to write the post.

      I was so jealous that my perms never resulted in the kind of hair Stacey was described as having. I more closely resembled a poodle who’d had an unfortunate encounter with an electrical socket.

  5. Love, love, love this! Thank you, Delilah. I think you got *exactly* the spirit of this. I hadn’t yet come across Alison’s “Power On” post when I first tagged you and the others in my own post, but then Tamsin brought it to my attention and I was like “Yes! This!” Like Tamsin, like Lynn, I hate chain letters, but I love the idea of helping promote other great writers and bloggers.

    Of course, several of those you tagged are writers I already know and love (and I love that you highlighted more works of theirs for me to go check out), several are some I’ve briefly heard of or know just a little about, but now I’ll have to go check them out in much more detail, and then there are a few who were completely new names to me — yay, more writers to discover, and if you’re recommending them, then I have no doubts that I will love their work, too.

    What a lovely post!


    • I’m definitely taking note of the new blogs and authors you mentioned. This is exactly what Alison was hoping for, I think. All of us gushing about who we love and discovering new authors.

      Thank you for the nomination–I’d been meaning to do something inspired by the Power On post and this was the kick in the butt I needed to actually get it done.


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