Sneak Peek–Pirate Story


About a week ago I sat down to write a new story.  Before I knew what had happened, Ia found myself taken hostage aboard a pirate ship by quite possibly my favorite hero and heroine to date….

“Put it down, lad. Don’t think to try me,” he warned her.

Defiantly she stepped out of line and faced him. He raised an eyebrow when he saw she was no lad. His distraction presented the perfect opportunity; her sword sliced through the air. Bree grinned fiercely as she scored first blood, but her victory was short-lived. It was humiliating how quickly he disarmed her. She found herself face down on the deck with the pirate captain’s boot planted firmly on her back.

This would never have happened if Papa hadn’t sent me away. Fighting had been yet another useful skill she’d had to abandon in favor of nonsense like bossing around servants. Maids were bigger crybabies than seasick boys on their first sail.

“This girl has more courage than the rest of you scum put together. At least she tried to kill me,” he said derisively.

The boot was removed and he hauled her to her feet. She immediately cocked a fist. “Quite the spitfire, aren’t you?” He picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

Her blood boiled. “Go to hell!” She beat at his back ineffectively as he carried her to the quarterdeck. She was put down with her back to the railing.

The pirate imprisoned her hands in one of his own. “I have a proposition for you, minx. You’ve given me more amusement in the past five minutes than I’ve had in a long time. Amuse me tonight and I don’t kill your crewmates. Maybe you’ll even please me so well that I’ll let you keep your ship.”

The roar in her ears wasn’t the ocean. “What?”

“Don’t disappoint me now. Is the idea of my bed so repulsive that you’d rather lose your ship?”

Brianna swallowed. “How do I know you’ll honor the bargain?” My body is to be a bargaining chip no matter what.Better to use it for the Maya than submit to whomever Papa chose.

He gave her a feral smile. “You don’t.”


I’ve submitted this to an anthology, and will hopefully have news for you about this story in the future.

I want to thank Lace Winter for joining my beta readers for this story.  It’s so helpful to have a fresh set of eyes, and Lace gave me really helpful feedback.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear the good news! It’s a great story!

  2. Reblogged this on Lace Winter and commented:
    Delilah Night is a highly talented writer, and I was honored to be a beta reader for this delightfully naughty pirate tale. I can’t tell you much, of course — sworn to secrecy by the blood of Long John Silver! — but it’s a great read, with a plucky and strong heroine that you’ll just love, and a hero — or antihero? — who’ll get your juices going.

  3. […] Erotica Author, Undercaffeinated mom. I first came across Delilah’s short fiction in the Summer Loving anthology with her story Baby It’s Hot Outside. I made some comments on her blog about it, and before I knew it I was beta-reading for her submission to another upcoming anthology (coming out in 2015). Trust me, you’ll love her pirate story! […]

  4. […] should be reading this.  My entry is an excerpt from “Plunder”, aka the pirate story I’ve shared a snippet from […]

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