#OutWriters Why I write LGBT characters

As a publisher of queer books for over two decades, Cleis Press is committed to encouraging LGBTQ people to be visible, free, and well-pleasured. The presence of LGBTQ voices in literature is dear to our hearts.

In celebration of Pride month, we’re kicking off a brand new project we’re calling Out Writers. Join us—and a tide of queer voices—in celebrating the importance of LGBTQ writing.  Want to get involved? Please take a moment to share a sentence or two about why queer writers are important, and/or what it means to you to write as LGBTQ author, and use the hashtag #OutWriters.


Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 9.40.30 pm

I suppose that I write LGBT characters for the most obvious reason possible–I’m also a member of the LGBT community.  More to the point, I write bisexual women because I am a bisexual woman.

Too frequently I see bisexual women portrayed as bisexual as part of a threesome for the benefit of their male lover, or that a scene with another woman is painted as a “lesbian” scene.  I write bisexual women because I’m writing a story right now which has a bisexual female protagonist, and had it referred to as a lesbian story.

Bi invisibility is an issue in the real world and in the literary world, and anything I can do to help mitigate that is a worthy thing.

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