Twisted by Alison Tyler

**I received a free pdf copy of Twisted in exchange for a review**

We all know I’m a sucker for Alison’s anthologies, and Twisted is no different.

Today I’m doing a review of Bondage Blogging by Meadow Parker from that antho.

I was inspired to review this particular story because long ago and far away I was a sex blogger.  (My former blog was deactivated and locked.)  As a former blogger, I approached Bondage Blogging assuming the blogger(s) would be narrating the story.  Instead, our narrator is a fan of a former couple who had a brief but popular blog highlighting their bondage exploits.  (The brief but popular sex blogger is an all too true detail of the sex bloggersphere.)  A slightly adorkable novice, she is soon fast in over her head when the couple begins a seduction, and then eagerly hands herself over to them.  The way Parker describes the sensation of hot wax landing on your skin, particularly skin that has been recently punished had me wondering if I still had any bondage friendly candles sitting around.  Any story that inspires me like that gets a thumbs up.

If you pick up Twisted, be sure to let me (and alison @msalisontyler on twitter) know which one you liked best!

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