I’ve talked before about struggling to find balance as a writer and a mother.  It’s something I often fail at, and sadly my writing is one of the first things I give up when something else needs to be done.  Partially that’s because I’m a terrible procrastinator.  More often, though, it’s because something is going on that kills my mood.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 6.14.17 AM

I struggle to write erotica when my mood is anything but sexy.  When my kid is puking.  When I’m so tired from my day that I fall asleep at my laptop (ironically, though, I’m writing this at 6am after not having slept all night).  When watching tv feels like a challenge.  When I the only time I can carve out is in the parent cafe of an indoor playground.  When the mood isn’t sexy, each word is akin to pulling teeth.

We are heading toward year’s end at a frenetic pace.  It’s early yet, but I’m starting to think about 2014, and how I would like it to be different.  I want to prioritize my writing.  I want to carve out sacred time that is only put aside in extreme cases.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 6.12.10 AM

Very soon NaNoWriMo will start.  I won’t be starting a new story, but I do plan to use it as a motivational tool to kickstart my progress with the novel.

Do you struggle with balance?  What do you give up to write?  Do you give up writing to get other things (even something like grocery shopping) done?  What’s your approach?

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