Ass Tour: Executive Training by Sophia Valenti

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Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy edited by Alison Tyler is a compilation of three years worth of anal themed erotica repackaged into a single volume.

Alison tells the following story about the inception of the series

When we first decided to compile a collection of stories about anal sex, I was not sure how readers would respond. Five of us got together and decided to write tight, taut, literary, smutty stories that revolved around backdoor banging. What made the endeavor unique is that we were being bold, not coy and quiet, about our theme. There was no beating around this bush, we stood up tall and proud and called our first collection “Kiss My Ass.”

Within a few months, our sales were soaring and we were receiving reviews like this one from Aisling Weaver: “Each one held me on the edge of my seat, breathless and flushed, eager for every word.”

We knew we wanted to tackle a sequel, but spent some time debating the title. We asked ourselves questions: Do we like writing about anal? Fuck yeah. Do we hide our feelings? No fucking way? Why? Because we are bad asses, which is why we ultimately named our second collection “Bad Ass.”

“Bad Ass” won instant five-star reviews, such as the one that called it “Asstacular” and this one: “So good. It surpasses its predecessor. I read it one quick swallow, but at the end of each story I almost didn’t want to keep reading, because each one is its own little gem, even though they all fit so well together.”

What had begun as a one-off endeavor transformed into an “annual anal” series. Our third installment was “Smart Ass,” which readers were anxiously awaiting.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the trilogy. Today I’ll be reviewing the first story in the book, Executive Training by Sophia Valenti.

Sophia’s story is written in the first person, and we never learn the name of her protagonist. For me, this worked exceedingly well as I related, strongly to her. The following is a description of the protagonist, but it could just as easily describe me.

I was tired of being the responsible one who planned out her days with clinical precision, weighing the pros and cons of every move. I didn’t want to think anymore; I simply wanted to feel.

Valenti blends submission, (potential) exhibitionism, spankings and anal into a well-crafted story. The juxtaposition of the character-a well put together executive exterior-and the woman behind the exterior works well to open the story. The paddle that the protagonist “craved and despised” is one of the most accurate descriptions of a submissive’s relationship with a toy that pushes her limits I’ve seen, and the spanking scene had me squirming-in all the right ways.  I also love that her protagonist had a moment of doubt before going through with her first anal experience. Due to the taboo nature of anal, most people with whom I’ve talked to about anal (which, granted, skewed data sample) confessed to either needing a few tries to go through with it, or at least a second thought before going through with it. That doubt creates a nice element of realism and relatability to the story.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the book, and I highly encourage you to go out and pick up The Trilogy.

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