IMG_4838The strangest things can inspire me.  The Enterprise pizza cutter above inspired a short story last year that, as I’ve tried to expand it, may turn into a paranormal romance.  Featuring one of Santa’s shape-shifting reindeer.

Yes, I am a giant nerd.

I had a physical last week, and as the doctor was manipulating my body to check for range of motion (I’ve had back surgery, and have recurring back issues even now) it occurred to me that the patient/doctor relationship is a D/S one.  We go to our doctors as supplicants.  They move our bodies for us.  We follow their directives.  I was inspired.

The song “Persephone” by Escape Key made me rethink the Persephone/Hades relationship. Lyrics here.

Renewal was inspired by both the struggles my partner and I had reconnecting after we had a baby (ms4) and that as I was writing it, I was dealing with my transition to expatriate life in Singapore.

My stories are not biographical, but they do reflect pieces of me and what’s going through my head at any given moment.

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