Only 29 days until NaNoWriMo

On November first, a horde of writers will dive into the frenzy that is NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month.

While I’ve always been a writer, I am also somewhat lazy and highly distractab—SQUIRREL! (That was a reference to “Up” for those who missed it.)

So for me, the idea of a community built around the idea that in the course of a month you start writing and you don’t stop–you don’t sit down and revise or stop to rename your characters six times.  You just write and get it out on paper.

I first heard of NaNo (as it’s fondly known) in 2006.  I’d been writing erotica for 4 years, but hadn’t done much in over a year at that point–I’d met my partner, gotten married, worked full time, blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse.  Ironically, I ended up needed to have back surgery that would involve a 6-8 week leave of absence afterward in Mid-October.  By November first I was past the initial onslaught of pain meds, and bored.  I’d never tried to write anything terribly long before, so 50k seemed like an insurmountable length–but it wasn’t like I had anything else/ better to do once I’d done my physical therapy for the day.  So I wrote.
In 2006 I wrote a terrible little novella that I hope will NEVER see the light of day.  But I did it.  I wrote something with a narrative that lasted for more than 50K words.  In having done it, I realized I could do it again.

I’ve tried a few times since, but have not hit 50K in one work during NaNo.

The key difference between 06 and other years is that I did not seek out community.  In 2006 I went to write ins (where we camped out at a library and wrote for an afternoon), socials, and participated in the online community.  I kept uploading my book in progress to keep my word count active.

In 07 and beyond…I meant to register.  I sort of checked up one or twice.  I didn’t do the whole write in thing.  I was participating only tangentially.

This year, I’ve been inspired to become as involved as practical again.  I’ve met one of the two local Nano organizers, and have followed the twitter handle for the local Nano events.  I have signed up at the website (add me as a buddy if you’re over 18– Delilah_Night), and I’m going to stay accountable to you guys.

So while I have 29 days more to think and to plot, which erotic novel would YOU want to read (without giving too much away)…

–Erotic mythology–Lancelot and Guinevere?

–Erotic Contemporary–Gamer CEO in lust with one of her (gorgeous, British-Indian) programmers?

–Erotic Paranormal–A curse set in motion in 1840’s New Orleans changes the life of a history professor in 2012?


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  1. Ooooh Erotic Contemporary!!! Hands down.

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