My favorite erotic book

I was updating my goodreads profile today, which got me thinking about what erotica I enjoy as a reader.

The first erotic book I ever bought was “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” by Anne Rice, and I’m still very much a fan.  It is one of the “classic” pieces of erotica for a reason, and I expect that if you’re familiar with erotica (and if you’re not, why are you here?), you’ve either read it or decided not to.

The second book I bought was an anthology from Black Lace, a British erotica publisher by women for women.  They’d excerpted a number of their novels into one delightful anthology, Pandora’s Box 2.  Although I bought it over a decade ago, these excerpts still arouse me, and I’ve read the full novels of several of the excerpts.

My favorite excerpt is from “The Ninety Days of Genevieve” (available in paperback and in e-form), which is amongst my favorite full length erotic novels.  This is also my standard suggestion for those readers who were aroused by some of the content in 50 Shades, but want strong writing and a more accurate depiction of kink.

My second favorite piece is from “Lord Wraxall’s Fancy” (available in mass market paperback and as an e-book), which I also enjoyed as a full novel.  This one will appeal to those of you who enjoy historical fiction.

Sadly, according to Amazon, Pandora’s Box 2 is out of mainstream print, although there are (at this time) 11 used copies going for less than $10 USD.

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