Sasha Grey reads to children, and parents are pissed

This is a blog, among other things, about the cross sections of parenting and sexuality.  Usually I’m thinking about maintaining your sexuality as a parent, or talking to your kids about sex.

But the two issues recently intersected in a whole new way when former adult actress Sasha Grey read to a group of third graders as part of the Read Across America project.  She tweeted that the kids had been sweet.  Parents flipped out to the point where the school district tried to denying it ever happened, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.  Now they are saying they will “review” participants in the program more carefully.

Which leads me to think about why the parents were freaking out.  You’d have to be familiar with her work to know she’s a former porn actress.  Which, I would assume, would mean you watch porn.

It’s not like she was reading Penthouse Forum letters to the kids.  Nor was she there on a career day to discuss what the pros of acting in porn.  She didn’t spread her porn cooties.  She was dressed in everyday clothes, not fetishwear.

Parents?  Chill out.

She read a book to a group of kids, promoting literacy.  It’s a GOOD thing.

They weren”t old enough to know anything about her.  NOR would they have likely ever realized anything about her former career had it not become a major news item.  So by making it an issue, you were able to inform all of them (a) what a porn movie is (b) what a porn star is (c) that they’d been read to by one AND (d) made it FAR more likely they’d google her works and be introduced to adult images.

In being so eager to slutshame, to throw stones, those eager to persecute her seem to have been the ones to highlight the very thing they didn’t want their kids to know.

Personally…if she wants to read to my kids…I’d love a break; I can only read “Pinkalicious” so many times before my head explodes.

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