Co-sleeping is the new Voldemort

Parenting, at least in the US, is all about protecting your children from the 8 million and a half things that could kill them daily.  At least if you believe the media coverage of parenting, which is always filled with DEADLY RECALLS and WHAT ARE YOUR CHILDREN SEEING/HEARING/EATING/etc…FILM AT 11.

I’m not an attachment parent per se, although I do practice some of the behaviors espoused by the philosophy, such as baby-wearing (ie, using slings) and more often than not co-sleeping.  My parenting philosophy, such as it is, is best described as “whatever works.”

After the tragic death of a baby in a sling in the last year, suddenly slings are dangerous devices, and most slings come with safety warnings.  One death and suddenly all kids are in mortal peril.

Co-sleeping is something that can be done well or dangerously.  Outside of the US, in fact, co-sleeping is the norm.  However, Milwaukee has a high SIDS rate, and rather than address issues like poverty, they’ve decided that poor people sleep with their children because they’re too poor to buy cribs and that’s why there is a high SIDS rate among certain (*cough*minority*coughcough*) populations.

They came out with a charming ad to scare parents into submission….

And hey–since you’re poor, we’ll give you a free pack n play!

As a mom who often co-sleeps (and often with both girls…the LM likes to climb into our bed in the middle of the night, and the BG is next to me in the bed itself or in a co-sleeper pushed against my side of the bed), I was very offended.

We need to talk about co-sleeping practices-what is safe, and what isn’t.  How to do it well.

But in the US, rather than address a problem with subtlety, we’d rather ban it outright.  See the recent ban on ALL drop-side cribs for proof (Yes, I own one, and I’m using it with the second child, too).  I find this frustrating.

Dear friends–when parenting, read the recommendations, but use common sense and do what works for your family.

**This reminds me…I’ll need to talk about co-sleeping and sex at some point.  It’s a valid concern, unlike the idea that my safe for co-sleeping bed is the equivalent of a butcher knife against my BG’s throat.

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