The creative juices have begun to flow once more…

Today published my first new story in 4 years.  It’s not that I haven’t written anything between 2007 and 2011, but none of what I wrote during that time was right for that market.  Literotica is the website I submitted to when I wrote my first “dirty story” in 2002…almost 9 years ago.  Looking at my history of submissions, I can point to times when I was single (more stories, some truly awful poetry), and to times when I wasn’t.  It’s not shocking that my long dry spell with very little published there began when I was planning my wedding, and then when I began my path toward motherhood.  Not because I didn’t still have those desires, rather than I focused my energy elsewhere.  I’ve also begun to transition to writing for pay, and thus Literotica was ignored.

However, I finally got around to finishing a multi-chapter story I’ve been working on for eight years.  Eight years.  It predates motherhood, marriage, and even meeting my partner.  Finishing it feels bittersweet…the happiness over finally bringing it to resolution and sadness as it’s been my fun side project for years, what I’ve always gone back to when I needed to write but didn’t want to focus on more serious writing.  On the other hand, it’s somewhat absurd that it took 8 years to write less than my usual monthly writing goal.

Regardless, what makes me most happy is that while I continue to grow as a writer, I can occasionally go back and nurture the place where everything began for me.

If you’re a new writer, or a writer who’s never written erotica before and want to try it out in a welcoming space (almost anything is accepted), I strongly encourage you to check out Literotica.

No, I’m not sharing what my pen name is there, except to say that it’s not Delilah Night.

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