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Love is a Virus

I hold the copyright to this story. Do not publish any part of this story without my consent, in writing.

Love is a Virus

Delilah Night


An outbreak of a mysterious flu-like virus had leveled roughly half of the USS Seattle, confounding the medical staff. Most of the senior officers were in the hospital. Captain Lily Dawes and a small contingent of nervous junior officers, temporarily promoted to “command staff,” were working up to twenty hours a day in an effort to keep the ship running. It was a deep space mission, so they were months away from any potential help.

“Fuck this week,” the captain muttered as she stalked into her quarters

Captain Dawes yanked off her uniform, breast band, and panties, tossing them into a basket in the corner of the room. Changing into a pink tank top and soft black lounging pants relaxed her, as did releasing her hair from its customary severe braid. Captain Dawes was off duty, and Lily intended to enjoy the few hours she had to herself.

“Pantry—I’d like a cold glass of Sancerre.” A door slid open in the wall where a chilled glass of heaven awaited her. Sipping the wine, she sank gratefully into an arm-chair. She pulled up the vid she’d shot from the top of Mount Dhunn on Ceres VII. The climb up that monster had been hellish, but the views from the summit had been worth her shredded quads.

Just get through this flu. Everyone will get healthy. You’ll find a new planet, and you’ll get to climb a mountain or jump off one soon enough.

It was a blissful seventeen minutes and twenty-two seconds before her comm bracelet chimed.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Massaging her temples, she mentally prepared for more bad news. “This is Captain Dawes.”

“Captain, it’s Ensign Patel. I went to Central Command, but Lieutenant Ruiz said you’d already left—” the voice trailed off, uncertain.

Mark Singh had been one of her favorite teachers. Lily had confided her dream of becoming a starship captain to him, and he’d helped her make it a reality. When one of his cousins was assigned to her ship, Mark had asked her to keep an eye on the brand new ensign. She’d rescheduled their most recent appointment twice.

The idea of climbing back into her uniform and leaving her quarters was almost too much for Lily to bear. It was inevitable that if she left her quarters she’d end up pitching in somewhere before, during, and after her appointment with Ensign Patel. She’d never get to bed.

“My apologies, ensign. Come to my quarters. I won’t take up too much of your time.”

“Yes, ma’am. On my way.”

The bell chimed soon after and Lily waved the younger woman in. She sighed inwardly when Patel’s eyes widened at her appearance. Always shocking to realize your captain is a human being, isn’t it? I don’t sleep in my uniform, contrary to what the rumors may say.

“Thanks for coming here. I was about to eat. Join me?” Lily asked, turning back to the pantry.

“Yes, ma’am.”

When Lily turned to carry the plates to her table, the ensign was standing stiffly next to it. “This isn’t Central Command, and I’m too damn tired to be formal,” she said as she put the plates on the table and dropped into a seat.

“Yes, ma’am.

Oh for fuck’s sake. “Lily.” She pointed at herself. “Saanvi.” She indicated the other woman, as she poured another glass of wine.

“Yes, ma’—.” Ensign Patel closed her mouth abruptly. Taking a deep breath, she began again, “In that case, should I—? Can I—?” Her voice trailed off as she indicated her uniform jacket.

“Sure, if you want to.”

Ensign Patel removed her jacket and carefully hung it on the back of the chair. Beneath the jacket, she was wearing a regulation black t-shirt.

Maybe this isn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Lily turned her attention to the stars outside her windows, drinking deeply from her wine glass. It was too late. The image of Saanvi’s breasts straining against the fabric of the shirt had already burned itself into her brain.

“Lily?” Saanvi seemed to be testing the word on her tongue.


“I like your hair down.”

“Thanks.” Feeling a bit flustered by the compliment, Lily focused on her salmon. When she regained her composure, Lily spoke again. “So, tell me how things have been going? I heard you stepped up this week. Still healthy?”

“I was happy to help.”

“Personally, I was hoping for the flu. Then I’d have an excuse to go back to bed,” Lily joked, attempting to put the ensign at ease.

Saanvi glanced across the room at the Captain’s large bed and sighed wistfully. “If I had a bed that big, I’d never want to leave it.”

If you were in my bed I wouldn’t let you leave it. Shit. Stop it, Dawes. Too little sleep was weakening her legendary self-control. Feigning a composure she didn’t feel, Lily saluted the bed with her wine glass. “I suppose rank does have its privileges.”

“What’s the biggest drawback?”

“Of command? The isolation.” The admission felt a little too honest. “I’m sure someone’s told you the story of the World Series Brawl last year? After they called the third out on that sketchy double play, some smug Yankees fan began to gloat. A Red Sox fan naturally took exception to said gloating and threw a punch. By the time security broke it up, I had to reprimand forty crew members. It was hard to come up with a fair punishment for all of them. Especially since it’s obvious the referees were blind or bribed.”

Saanvi smirked at her. “Someone’s a sore loser.”

“Remember, I’m the captain. I can have you handcuffed and tossed in my brig.” Not the mental image I need right now.

“Sure you can. But you can’t take away that giant banner hanging in our stadium.”

Saanvi was a lively dinner companion. Lily found herself prolonging the evening, even though she’d planned to be asleep twenty minutes ago.

“Do you want any dessert?” she asked Saanvi.

“I can always find room for dessert, especially if there’s chocolate involved.”

What about me, covered in chocolate sauce, while you lick every last drop off my body? “I think that can be arranged. Pantry, a serving of molten chocolate cake and a bowl of strawberries.”

“Don’t you like chocolate?” Saanvi asked.

“I like it a little too much. But I also like strawberries.” Lily replied as she brought the desserts back to the table.

Saanvi’s eyes closed with pleasure at the first bite. A smear of chocolate appeared at the edge of her lips drawing Lily’s eyes. How would a kiss taste?

“Heaven,” the ensign said.



“Let me tempt you, Lily. One bite…” the woman held out a fork of dripping cake.

One bite wouldn’t be enough.

Instead of a once-monthly check-in—the appropriate repayment to her old mentor—Lily had begun to meet with Saanvi weekly. Instead of meeting publicly, they’d been meeting in her office for the past month. Instead of wearing her uniform for this meeting, Lily had deliberately left her body on display. She was playing with fire, and it needed to stop, now.

Her voice was curt. “I think you should leave, Ensign.”

The fork clattered as it slipped from the ensign’s hand and hit the table. Saanvi didn’t seem to notice. Her lush lips, with their absurd smudge of chocolate, had fallen open in surprise.

Dawes got out of her chair and walked away, choosing to look out into space rather than watch the younger woman leave. A wave of dizziness momentarily blurred her vision. Hey universe—I was kidding about wanting to get the flu.

Captain Dawes closed her eyes and held her breath, waiting for the sounds that would signal Ensign Patel’s departure. Exhaustion was to blame for her maudlin emotions. She would re-establish boundaries. There would be no more lapses of judgment like this in the future.

Shields up, Dawes.

Everyone on board the USS Seattle took Captain Lily Dawes’s orders. It came as a shock, then, when a hand touched her arm. Automatically, she turned to face Ensign Patel. When soft lips pressed against her own, Lily froze, at war with herself. Captain Dawes would push the delectable Ensign Patel away and order her to leave. Shove her into the hall and slam the door in her face. Lily wanted to drag Saanvi to the bed she’d admired earlier. Spending every last second naked and sweaty with exertion until Captain Dawes had to be back on duty was the best idea Lily had had in weeks.

You should stop this.

Saanvi’s lips moved to Lily’s neck, while her hands slid under Lily’s tank top and her nails scratched Lily’s soft skin. Lily moaned as her clit swelled—how could Saanvi have guessed that was exactly the thing that would ruin her resolve? She had never been able to resist a lover with long nails who knew how to use them. Giving in momentarily, Lily kissed Saanvi frantically until they were both gasping for air.

“Let me stay,” Saanvi whispered.

Lily’s arms wrapped around Saanvi, pulling her close. The breasts nudging her own made the older woman’s nipples harden. Her tongue flicked out and finally tasted the combined flavor of the sweet chocolate and sexy woman.

“I’ve wanted you from the first day on this ship, Lily, and we both know it’s not one-sided. Even if it’s only for tonight, don’t ask me to go.” Saanvi’s tongue invited Lily’s into her mouth.

Captain Lily Dawes had one cardinal rule for her own conduct—don’t play bed games with the crew. From experience, she knew that most of the ship would pair off. She would end up refereeing no small number of lover’s quarrels—the ship might travel faster than light, but gossip traveled faster. There was nowhere to storm off to, no way to transfer ships, and no way to avoid an ex.

Lily knew that the kisses alone were enough to make the ground under her reputation unsteady. Letting the ensign stay and taking her as a lover would be a course correction straight into a black hole—inescapable. Lily reminded herself of these things, and learned she didn’t give a damn.


She led the ensign to the bed, and gestured for her to sit. Lily knelt on the floor and locked eyes with Saanvi. So many hours on duty would make anyone’s feet ache. Slowly she removed Saanvi’s boots and socks. Digging her thumbs into the bottom of the younger woman’s foot, she massaged sore arches and toes. Saanvi gave a low moan. Lily switched between Saanvi’s feet until the other woman’s eyes were glazed over with pleasure.

The captain kissed her way up the legs of Ensign Patel’s uniform trousers. By the time Lily reached Saanvi’s thigh Saanvi was whimpering, her legs spread wide. Lily nuzzled the other woman’s pussy, giving her a preview of what was to come.

“Oh, god, please, Lily. Please!”

Not yet, darling. Chuckling, Lily kissed her way back down the other leg. Every mouthful of synthetic fabric was worth the torment it caused.


“Do you want to leave?”


Thank god. “Then obey your captain, ensign. Your orders are to be patient and do as I say.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Lily licked the line of tawny skin that had appeared between pants and t-shirt. Slowly, she inched the t-shirt northward, kissing her way up toned abs.

“Take off your top,” Lily ordered.

Saanvi eagerly did so.

“Good,” the captain crooned. “Lie down in the middle of the bed.”

The tops of Saanvi’s full breasts spilled over the upper edge of her breast band. Lily traced the line of the stretchy band, stroking the exposed cleavage. The outlines of Saanvi’s nipples impudently thrust forth, begging for her attention. Dawes took them into her mouth one at a time, tormenting the nubbins through the thin fabric.

“I’m so wet. Please touch me. Or let me touch you. Let me lick you. Please?” Saanvi pleaded.

Lily’s clit throbbed at the pleading tone, but she kept a tight rein on herself. Although her impulse was to grab the girl’s hair and pull her down to do just that, she said instead, “All in good time.”

Cupping the other woman’s breast, Dawes rubbed a thumb over the cloth barrier. She bent to capture Saanvi’s mouth, eagerly swallowing the moan before sucking on a full lower lip. The chocolate was long gone, but she pressed a kiss there anyway.

We can lick chocolate off each other next time. Lily thought, ignoring her earlier vow.

Saanvi reached for her. “Let me touch you.”

Dawes again took the other woman’s wrists firmly, placing them over her head. “Keep them there. You promised to obey. Will you be a good ensign and obey your captain, or do I need to punish you?”

Patel’s eyes darkened with arousal at the idea. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ll obey.”

“That’s better.”

Lily clenched her aching pussy in response to her own escalating need as her hands slid under the other woman’s breast band.

“Oh god, please!” Saanvi gasped.

Dawes tugged the band from one breast, freeing a sharp, brown peak. She sucked the nipple into her mouth, teasing it. The nip of teeth provoked another round of cries. Lily freed Saanvi’s other breast and fulfilled every inappropriate fantasy she’d entertained since seeing that tight black t-shirt beneath the ensign’s jacket

“I’m so wet, Captain.” Saanvi’s hips rocked.

So am I.

The Captain ran a hand down Saanvi’s body and rubbed her clit through increasingly damp uniform pants. Her tongue continued its magic on the ensign’s breasts and nipples. Her fingers moved rhythmically, knowing that Saanvi was getting closer.

When Lily stood on the platform before a base jump, looking down into an empty sky and the far away ground, her clit throbbed. Those seconds after leaping into the sky but before she pulled the chute were an erotic thrill. Hearing Saanvi’s increasingly loud moans, she felt the same thrill.

I wonder if she’s ever been fucked with a strap-on? I have that purple one…

“Lily, Lily, Lily! Please don’t stop! I’ll die if you stop!”

Lily lifted her head to watch Saanvi. The ensign’s hands twisted into the sheets, desperately trying to obey the order to keep them above her head. Saanvi’s skin flushed as her back arched, her hips bucking against Lily’s busy hand.

Lily!” Saanvi shrieked.

Lily yanked down Saanvi’s slacks and panties down and fell to her knees. Saanvi screamed with pleasure when Lily’s tongue paid homage to her clit. Lily slid one, two and then three fingers into Saanvi’s cunt and drove her higher.

“I can’t. Please, I can’t take anymore! Oh, god, yes!”

The screams made adrenaline sing through her veins. Lily’s talented tongue coaxed forth one last orgasm before slowing. She lay her head against Saanvi’s thigh, enjoying the view of a well-used quim.

“Hold me?” The voice was uncertain.

Lily moved up onto the bed and took Saanvi in her arms. Her lover’s head rested on her shoulder. Lily listened to the girl’s ragged breath normalized as she languorously rubbed Saanvi’s back. She admired the long eyelashes framing dark eyes still unfocused with pleasure. In that moment, she forgot about her week, her ship, her rules, and the chasm of rank that lay between them. It was enough to be there, with Saanvi.

“Can I kiss you?”

The question pulled Lily from her reverie, and she nodded. Closing her eyes, Lily expected a kiss on the lips. Instead, her pants slid down her legs. She parted her thighs indulgently.

Clever girl–you didn’t specify where you wanted to kiss me.

Saanvi’s tongue lapped at her clit. Lily was bobbing in a sea of pleasure, a gentle rise and fall. Lily would lift, then the soft tongue would stop and she’d float back down. Up, down, up, down. Her hips found the rhythm and moved in time.

The first time Lily had tried surfing, she was smug about how well she balanced on the board. How easily she handled the “baby waves” her cousin was teaching her to catch. She had been too inexperienced to realize that what had looked like a baby wave from afar was about to make her its bitch. Lily had been knocked ass over teakettle, shoved underwater, and pinned to the sand for a long moment before the wave had released her.

Saanvi was a spiritual cousin to that wave. Lily was completely unprepared for the moment the ensign abandoned her gentle strokes. Saanvi’s fingers bit into Lily’s hips, immobilizing her. Saanvi’s tongue lashed at her clit. The orgasm crashed over her body like a tsunami, obliterating everything in its path.

“You didn’t really think I was that naïve, did you?” Saanvi purred before bending her head again.

Maybe it was the exhaustion from the week, the exertion of the evening, or some combination of the two, but the next orgasm rolled Lily under. A star went supernova in her field of vision, and she knew nothing more.

* * * *

Why is the light so bright? Captain Lily Dawes lifted her hands to shield her eyes before opening them. Her mouth was a desert, and her tongue felt as if it were coated in sand. Everything hurt. Where’s Saanvi?

“Captain.” Vic, her first officer, took her hand.

“What’s going on?” she rasped. She was lying on a bed with a blindingly white curtain on either side. The hospital ward?

“First contact situation, ma’am. The flu—it was caused by a species called the Jal-Ehn-Ur,” Vic reported. A scout had boarded their ship using stealth technology. His minor cold crossed the species barrier and became a serious illness when transmitted to her crew. After the scout made his report, the Jal-Ehn-Ur captain had made contact with the USS Seattle. One of their medical ships had been dispatched to help the human doctors create a treatment.

“Nearly everyone who became ill has gotten better. We think you were among the last to get sick, and you’ll need to rest here another day or so. You should know that there’s a potential side effect. About twenty percent of those treated have reported—” he averted his eyes before he could bring himself to continue “—intense dreams upon waking.”

Does that mean…?

“I’ll report back in later and keep you up to date.” He excused himself.

Who found me? Us? Lily covered her burning face with her hands. What am I supposed to do? Ask, “So Vic, was Ensign Patel found with me? Did we happen to be naked at the time?”

A groan sounded from the other side of the curtain. A hoarse female voice asked, “What the fuck?”

It was Saanvi.

***The End***

This version has minor changes from the version that appears in Among the Stars. However, if you enjoyed it, check out the rest of the anthology. All proceeds go to the Still’s Disease Foundation.


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