ARC’s of Comet available now!

To celebrate Comet’s release NEXT WEEK (omg!) I’m giving away a limited number of arc (advance reader copies) for free at Brooksprout. You can pick between epub, mobi (kindle), and a pdf. The only requirement is that you review the book (HONESTLY) at Amazon.

Here’s a snippet

The subway was crowded when Jillian and I boarded. There were no seats, so we stood facing each other holding one of the central poles in the car. As the train headed downtown, it filled with more and more humans, pushing Jillian and I closer and closer.

“One more stop.” Jillian had leaned into me, so she could speak directly into my ear instead of shouting over the noise. Her breath was warm against my skin. I shivered, wishing I knew if she liked me, even a little. As the train screamed down the track, she gave me a smile. Then she leaned in again. “How do you like the subway?”

Another millimeter and my lips would graze the shell of her ear. “I like flying better.”

Her laughter crackled over my skin, making me want.

Our eyes met, and the screeching the train and the chatter of a dozen languages faded away. I felt my tongue wet my suddenly dry lips, and her eyes went molten. She was leaning in, my heart pounding so hard I was shocked it wasn’t audible above the cacophony. Then someone pushed past me, shoving me into Jillian’s arms. She caught me, our arms instinctively going around each other.

Plastered against Jillian, my heartbeat kicked up to a gallop. Our eyes met, and it was like we were enveloped in one of those snowstorms that make everything hushed and quiet. Her lashes were long, and dark with mascara. She had a light dusting of freckles across her cheeks. Her eyes were a deep blue, almost like a Caribbean Sea. When she licked her lips, my eyes were glued to the action.

I had an irrational thought—I was sure she’d kiss me. The desire was written clearly on her face for anyone to see. I was sure that my own desire was nakedly obvious on my own. She leaned in…

The subway shuddered to a stop. “42nd Street – Bryant Park,” crackled the distorted audio.

The moment was over, but I was (mostly) sure I hadn’t hallucinated it. Jillian pulled my hand, urging me toward the door before they closed. We stumbled off the subway car, and I blinked owlishly as I tried to reorient myself back to my mission. I was here on a mission, and it was not to fall for my P.A. But Jillian didn’t let go of my hand immediately.

What does that mean?

My romantic experience was pretty limited when it came to elves. I knew how things worked for reindeer. I knew from media the myriad way humans did and didn’t work things out in a variety of cultures. But elves? I knew their lives were close-ish to humans, but I didn’t know what dating was like for them. I’d had a few reindeer girlfriends, and I’d gone out on a few dates with elves, but not nearly enough to feel like I had a grip on elf dating rituals. Reindeer dates had been in reindeer form and usually involved hiking, or trying out human things with another potential. My elven dates had mimicked human dates—dinner or a movie.

If elves just go around holding hands with friends, why didn’t they teach us that? I don’t have any elf friends I could ask. That’s a shame—I wish I could talk to someone about these feelings, and how confused I feel around her.

“Oh, sorry,” she said, dropping my suddenly bereft hand.

“It’s—” wonderful, stupendous, magical, and I never want it to stop. “fine. You’re an excellent hand holder,” I offered with a smile.

An excellent hand holder? Pathetic! What’s wrong with you?

“Any time you have need of my services, I’m available,” she said with a flash of those dimples.

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